Top 10 best-selling cars of all time

What kind of car was sold to the highest circulation?

Top 10 best-selling cars of all time

Once I heard that the most massive car in the history of mankind is a pioneer in the automotive industry and one of the most famous models of the Ford , the Model T. The said that it produced an incredible amount of motorized carts, something more than 12 or 15 million, and that even bypass this rate no one has not yet succeeded in modern possibilities automakers.

How is it that modern automobile giants have not been able to circumvent the antediluvian car early XX century? Firstly, they reasoned on the Internet, and has been the main technology backwardness and, consequently, their simplicity. Accordingly, with each new generation, cars are becoming more perfect, but at the same time more and let in a lot of them more difficult and costly. Second, the production has been established by Ford so well that cars coming down the assembly line like hotcakes, they say, Ford first used the conveyor assembly for their vehicles, and then realized he could on this issue more and better organize the process. And so on, in the third, fourth, Fifth, secondary reasons were many, all do not remember them.

Remembering this theory, I decided to check whether it is true in fact?Does Ford have been produced, and accordingly sold the largest number of cars of one model? The results culminated in the Top 10 best-selling cars of all time.

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10. the Chevrolet the Impala:. ≈ 14 million sold


The Impala the Chevrolet – the only car GM  in the list, has a long history with the appearance on the market 57 years ago. Having started life as a big powerful two-door coupe, with the passage of time, the Impala became a universal sedan. From him until recently simply exuded American automotive style of the 90s. Design and technical data began to change for the better recently, just a couple of years ago. Modernization of 10 generations were not in vain.

9. the Volkswagen the Passat: ≈15.5 million units soldTop 10 best-selling cars of all time

The latest generation of Volkswagen Passat  is significantly different from the first generation of cars that came off the assembly line in 1973. Firmly standing on strategies to increase sales and improve the quality of (remains to guess, do not knock down if the scandal of these ambitious plans), the Volkswagen  completely changed their model, it has grown in size, it became technologically one of the most advanced modern machines with extremely flexible possibility of installing additional options.

8. the Model the T: . 16.5 million ≈ sold

Top 10 best-selling cars of all time

That’s the instigator of this study. Ford Model T, they were produced from 1908 to 1927 years, approximately 16.5 million. Copies. The Model the T  originally sold a little less than $ 1,000, but later models were implemented for a very affordable $ 300 or even less, when production reached a desired power, and its process has been honed to perfection. Model T has made ​​millions of Americans owners of cars, giving thousands of jobs in Detroit.

7.the Honda the Accord:. 17.5 million units sold ≈


Happy seventh place. Production Accord  began in 1976, and to this day this sporty mid-size sedan has been on the covers of glossy auto magazines and Internet publications of the headlines, confirming its enduring popularity. Nine generations of success, and almost 18 million. To sell the car.

6. the Honda the Civic:. 18.5 million units sold ≈

Top 10 best-selling cars of all time

The only surprise of the Honda the Civic , it in the list, it may be that this sedan / hatch located only in sixth place. Civic decades, not losing ground, and it looks like is not going to surrender. It still is one of the most popular cars in the world history. Since 1972, since its first debut, the Honda the Civic  carries a charge of drive and sporty sedan , hatchback and coupe.

Now you can also buy Civic natural gas or in a hybrid version of the powertrain, offering additional savings by increasing fuel efficiency.

5. the Ford the Escort:. ≈ 20 million sold


Despite the fact that the production stopped in 2000, the European version of the Ford Escort  was able to enter in a record five. But it all started modestly in 1967, with the English model 1968 model year. Compact, cost-effective, reliable vehicle was able to win the hearts and minds of customers, not only in England but also in Europe. Six generations of cars were produced from the time with each update offering more features and more powerful engines.
It is worth noting that the American version of the Escort is not included here because it was not related to each other models.

4. the Volkswagen the Beetle:. ≈ 23.5 million sold


Volkswagen Beetle is the oldest car in this list, which is still in production and is one of the most iconic cars in history.Beetle was the flagship Volkswagen  from the beginning of its production in 1933. Beetles past generations, it is cars, fascinates with its appearance and features to itself due to its technology, diesel, turbines, fuel-efficient petrol engine, the Beetle goes to everything.

3. the Volkswagen the Golf:. ≈ 27.5 million sold


It is obvious to mention Volkswagen  not remember the Golf, it would be wrong. Traditionally, the least expensive compact car of the German automaker.

It was intended to be the successor Beetle, but continuity has not turned out, both models started to be issued in parallel. Now, the Golf , the Beetle  and the Passat , a powerful trio of models of vehicles, which allows VW  to be one of the largest automakers in the world.

2. the Ford the F-the Series:. ≈ 35 million sold

Top 10 best-selling cars of all time

We all know that the pickups are very popular in the United States, but hardly anyone knew how much they produced.Second place in the list deservedly took the Ford the F-the Series . This is the best-selling full-size pickup in America for more than 30 years.

The first model came off the assembly line in 1948. Since then, a series of «F» has evolved to appeal to a wide range of customers. From the available F-150  to the powerful F-450 Super Duty, F-Series is made ​​for every need.

1. the Toyota the Corolla:. ≈ 37.5 million sold

Top 10 best-selling cars of all time

And finally, the number one selling of all time: the Toyota the Corolla .

Approximately 38 million. The Corolla has been done since 1966. The largest number of vehicles, just incredible amount of cars made for the population of the entire planet. Unconditional number 1!

High-quality, low-cost, economical sedan, the Corolla, its only competitor to have developed the most the Toyota , is the Prius . He quickly makes its way and perhaps someday will be the most massive car, but this is still far away.