Top 10 best arcade racing games of all time

Nostalgia racing from the 80s and 90s years

Top 10 best arcade racing games of all time

Arcade virtual racing. What more entertainment could compare with him in our childhood? Everyone, of course, remember your time period. Someone “hacked” in the race in the early and mid 90s. It was simple but very exciting arcade simulator: Formula-1, the first part of Need for Speed, a variety of the then popular space race.

In the next five years from 1995 to 2000 years has been a real boom in the computer field. Computers began to appear in more and more homes and young, and some not-so-people just could not tear myself away from the exciting experience to drive on the virtual tracks. Moreover, it is not important it was that I didn’t have the helm. Is it a good fit for keyboard or joystick.


But remember, the most chic in those days was going to the theatre or some new-fangled entertainment center, sit in a hard plastic seat acid colors and immerse yourself in this realistic virtual world arcade with a real steering wheel, pedals and gear shift knob. It was just a space!


Of course, not all races were created equal. However, the Top 10 can be defined quite accurately. Of course, memories of racing has long been not fresh, and in Russia 90-ies was presented, not all simulation, however, ten most-most we chose a.


You might agree with our selection and if you played those games and you left them on good memories. Offer a little ponostalgirovat and plunge into the world of the past, of large pixels and 8-bit sounds.

Daytona USA

What could be more boring drive wheel drive in NASCAR racing? Probably, the level of boredom with it could compete a game based on the most boring races in the world. In 1993 she appeared. It was Daytona USA. And you know what? It turned out that playing it is very exciting! Gamers liked it so much interesting to drive, squeezing at speeds of 400 km/h between the rivals that the series quickly grew. Began to appear more advanced simulations on the same topic, playing in one of them I spent some of the most boring months in my life the year that way in 1998 -1999.

Ridge Racer

And in this game for Sega from the company Namco of the turns were clearly bigger. Appearing around the same time as Daytona, but rather in 1993, racing for the Sega attempted to seize part of the market on their side.


The players began the last, and then long and persistently sought to take the lead. Game differs from competitors, the revolutionary soundtrack that was picked up so well that something like this can be heard in the genre 25 years later.


Four of the sequel to prove that at the time she came to the court and it has grown a whole generation of gamers who adored the race.

Sega Rally Championship

Sega Rally Championship was the first arcade game that really captured us with their rally turns. A minimum of asphalt, high the roadside and off-road. When I first saw that you can do in this race just could not believe my eyes. “How can I go on the machine side? It’s magic!”: I thought then. The game that changed the mindset of a first grader back in 1995-m to year. Oh, there was a time, surprised everyone. But it was fun!

Cruis’n USA

Despite the fact that in this game my friends and not “hacked”, judging by the reviews on the us forums, cruis’n USA can be called the legendary race. What kinds what speed. It’s not every day you can ride through the city at speeds well over 200…

San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

1996. The development of picture games is not in place. Graphics engines evolve and improve. One of the first, advanced technology has started to use the company – developer of Midway created after cruis’n USA another hit – San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing.

A distinctive feature of the game besides the graphics is the ability to access a secret part of the track, jump over ramps, and generally behave as if you were living your last day on Earth.


Another classic, known for its outstanding music – the arcade game OutRun. In her case it was not in the schedule, and in the atmosphere.


Sega Super GT

The harbinger of NFS Underground. In this race it was possible to drift, it was possible to drive around the city and beat your rivals. And it was not the usual bots and real players. The game supported up to 4 persons. More race tracks, more than a hypercar.


Visually, the game is also stunningly beautiful with its 60 frames per second.


Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off-Road

Here I do not believe that this hit was made in 1989! Jumping, flying, off-road, overcoming the “washing Board” speed, drifts and flips. Everything was in Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off-Road. To watch even now a pleasure.



I think SpyHunter is not worthy to enter our Top? No, on the contrary, it must be in the list. It’s not really a race, rather a guide to action for spies hails from 1983. Shoot your enemies, do smokescreens and pour oil on the road. All this will help to win the bloody race!


Pole Position

The game was developed by the Creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani 1982. So there was nothing surprising in the fact that the Pole Postion very quickly became a legend. The world of racing games continued to move forward and Pole Position was a great proof of this. Rich vibrant colors, detail and background really existing race track F1 Fuji Speedway.

Know why she had this name? The fact that we had to go through a qualifying round to occupy the position at the start. The game is distinguished by the presence of pseudo 3D and third-person for race cars. It was just unthinkable!