This test shows why crash cars Tesla continue to occur

That’s why the autopilot cars, Tesla is evil.

This test shows why crash cars Tesla continue to occur 

Probably, on a regular crashes of Tesla cars with the autopilot engaged’ve heard it all. But why, despite the constant software upgrades and development of various electronic systems of Tesla cars of this brand continue to get in a serious accident?


What can you today to surprise in a modern car? Leather seats, powerful engine, modern infotainment system, all wheel drive, automatic transmission, or the touch of a button on the steering wheel? Of course, this probably will not surprise anyone. But what exactly today can impress any car enthusiast is the autopilot system, with which the driver can relax a bit while driving, giving the vehicle control computer. Agree, sounds fantastic. It is this autopilot and installed on modern cars Tesla.

But it became recently the main culprit of severe accidents. And after each accident, the company Tesla has already updated the software of all their cars. Recall that the update occurs over the air via mobile Internet. That is, software of the vehicle is updated as any smartphone today. But why then the accident with the car, Tesla continues to happen with frightening regularity?


Let’s deal. Recently in Britain, tests were conducted that show how the problem in the Tesla electric cars with autopilot remains unresolved to this day. This study really showed that the autopilot Tesla (in principle, this can happen in any car with an Autonomous control system without a driver), there are many unresolved issues, which resulted in the vehicle in the Autonomous mode, can easily get into an accident.



In addition to the updates of the autopilot in his car company, Tesla has already created a lot of warnings for owners of electric cars, and even published the video tutorials which explained in detail what kind of constraints does the system auto-pilot in cars Tesla.

First, the company Tesla warned all the car owners that the responsibility for control of the car even with the autopilot engaged is entirely that of the driver. So drivers, including the autopilot in the Tesla should not lose control of the road and should be ready for anything.

Second, the company Tesla again reminded all owners of cars that auto-pilot is not a full Autonomous system and is intended for short-term use in the machine, so the driver could get some rest while driving.

This test shows why crash cars Tesla continue to occur 

By the way, many owners of vehicles with semi-Autonomous piloting systems, including the autopilot, really forget that you need to continue to monitor the road and to be prepared for any eventuality. Probably, in this case, many think that the future has already arrived and the cars with the autopilot can really replace humans. But it’s not. To fully Autonomous cars is far from us. Today there is a world production car, able 100% safe to use roads without driver control.


But, alas, many owners of Tesla’s quickly forget about it. The fact is that when Tesla begins to use the autopilot, over time, begin to really think that the car is able to travel independently, without the control of the driver.

As a result, many owners, including the autopilot, relax in the driver’s seat, forgetting to control the flow of traffic. That is why there are frequent accidents involving these machines.

This test shows why crash cars Tesla continue to occur 

British Research company Thatcham regularly conducts various tests to insurers. They recently tested the Tesla cars with the autopilot engaged when driving in ideal road conditions. It was necessary to see in what cases the autopilot can be wrong, causing the car can get into an accident, if the driver does not have time to take control of the car under control.

In the end, the experts managed to establish the cause of all the recent accidents over the past few years, which got cars, Tesla mode enabled auto-pilot.


The test is quite simple:


  • – Tesla with the autopilot engaged to follow another car


  • – The vehicle in front of Tesla sharply goes to another lane


  • In the end, autopilot Tesla does not have time to react to the situation and crashes into the stationary vehicle in lane-following


During testing, as the vehicle in the company Thatcham Research used a special stand that simulates a rear portion of a conventional machine. In fact, this simulation allows you to simulate during the test standing on the track car (broke down, braked for some reason, etc.). Then everything classically. A car that moves ahead of Tesla, says that the road is a car, and goes away. But Tesla with the autopilot does not have time to slow down or reorganize into another lane, resulting in the majority of cases there is a collision with standing machine (booth, simulating standing on the road car). The video from these tests is available here.



These tests show that all car owners whose cars are equipped with auto-pilot that relying on electronics is impossible. So if you include an Autonomous system in your car, which is capable during movement to control steering, gas pedal and brake system, you should never relax and get away from the road, as at any time on your way can happen anything. Alas, the latest modern Autonomous systems in cars is not yet capable of fractions of seconds to take your decision. So to rely on the autopilot is stupid and very dangerous.


We contacted the company Tesla with an official request about the tests conducted by Thatcham Research, to clarify why Autonomous system in the Tesla Model S does not have time to avoid an accident in case of danger.

In the end we got the answer that the company Tesla initially positioned Autonomous system as a simple addition to the normal control of the vehicle and never advertised this system as a full autopilot capable of following the driver.

This test shows why crash cars Tesla continue to occur

That is not Tesla originally talked about the fact that the autopilot in the car can prevent most accidents.

According to a representative of Tesla, a study of Thatcham may not be a problem for drivers which use the autopilot in the Tesla electric cars correctly, as recommended by the automaker.


By the way, during the operation of the autopilot in the Tesla car electronics constantly warns the driver that his hands during the Autonomous movement must be on the steering wheel and that the driver is still obliged to monitor the situation on the road.

This is necessary to prevent the abuse of the driver while driving with the included stand-alone system. That is, in the Tesla electric cars are all made so that the driver don’t forget that the autopilot can not replace him.


But, alas, many car owners often rely heavily on electronics, forgetting about the need to keep hands on the wheel and to control the road. In the end, so we now often hear that once Tesla got in a car accident.

The most frequent accidents involve hitting fixed objects and vehicles.