This is why you need to open the driver’s door only right hand

If you want to get out of the car, open the door with his right hand.

This is why you need to open the driver's door only right hand

In the Netherlands, conducted a study and found that if you force all drivers to open doors with the right hand, it is possible to reduce the number of accidents. As a result, many drivers in Holland ceased to use the left hand when opening the driver’s door. Maybe we can learn from their experience to at least slightly reduce the number of accidents on Russian roads? This is the interesting solution is really effective in contrast to regular increases penalties in the country and obveshivanie roads cameras.


If you live in the city, every driver has a big risk of getting in an accident. Indeed, in any major city in heavy traffic, which increases the risk of accidents. To meet in inattentive, aggressive driver is more likely than in a small village. Well, to meet on the road who constantly violate traffic rules, God himself commanded.

This is why you need to open the driver's door only right hand

And what’s worse, even if we strictly follow the instruction of traffic Rules are behind the wheel in maximum concentration and attention, we still run the risk of having an accident through the fault of other drivers. That is why in all future drivers driving schools are constantly being told that the road need not only to control their actions, but to follow all around.


Often, of course, there are small accidents. Every day the traffic police fixes thousands of minor accidents that happen across the country. Most accidents are recorded in such cities as Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The reasons why small accidents occur most often? Well, first, it is the nonobservance of distance and posted speed limit. Also often, accidents occur due to violations of the priority rules of travel when cars do not yield each other way.


But in recent years dramatically increased the number of accidents due to… doors. Yes, blame the open car door. Did you know that car doors are a great educational tool as a proof of Newton’s law that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time?


Most often, these accidents involving cyclists and motorcyclists, which are inattentive drivers clamp the door between your vehicle and parked vehicles.

The interesting thing is that most such accidents are taxis where the passengers during the landing, usually do not look out the window, where at this moment to pass cyclists and motorcyclists. In the end, open the door carelessly can cause accidents.


Unfortunately, drivers are often caught in such accidents, down cyclists and motorcyclists, who often violate traffic rules. But someone from this easier? Even if you had an accident is not their fault, the car gets damaged. But did you know that such accidents could be avoided if drivers were more careful and watch before you step out of the car, or before disembarkation of passengers on the road side of the car?

Alas, all the drivers are different, and sometimes, we just forget before opening the door to look in from the side. However, as proved in the Netherlands, this carelessness can overcome any driver, if you take the habit to open the driver’s door with his right hand.



So, if you parked your car next to other cars or the sidewalk, going to get out of the car, open the door with his left hand, despite the fact that intuitively you want to do so. Better do it right-hand. This simple movement will make you turn your whole upper body. So you Willy-nilly will see a big side of the road next to your car. Also, the door right hand view in the side rearview mirror. If you don’t see dangers in it, then you can leave.


If you’re on the front passenger seat, the door opener instead of the right hand, use left hand. That is, regardless of where you sit, to open the door you have to use the hand which is most distant from the door. Such movement will provide you the rotation of the upper part of your body. In the end, you will get a view of the road on the side of the machine, which will protect you from the crazy cyclists, motorcyclists and inattentive, arrogant pedestrians. Thus, you will reduce the risk, opening the door to get into an accident.


Yes, to accustom myself to open the door awkward hand is not so easy. After all, habits aren’t formed immediately. It takes time to your brain got used to it. But believe me, it’s worth it.