This is one of the worst cars in the world: Video

The most strange and stupid car of the year

This is one of the worst cars in the world: Video

If you wanted to ride in a car from which you’d go dizzy, and her nose may have poured blood, your choice is this Ford Ka is made clear why and it is not clear how riding.


This appalling orange-and-black torture instrument – working people with YouTube-channel “Master Milo”. The European version of the hatchback Ford Ka was cut in half and placed in a so-called system of bicikl – a vehicle with two wheels in which the passengers sit between two wheels arranged in parallel. The closest relative of this car, oddly enough – the Segway.


For such transport to work are unlikely to leave, but to bring to mind any passenger who dares to get in the attraction of this “car” is quite enough.


Please note that the movement of the car is through fixed in two huge circles of the front wheels of the Ford Ka, which give the required thrust. Several other internal wheels, mounted on the outside of the cells, are there to maintain the weight and stability of the device. To the cab rocked from side to side when driving. The control is carried out on the tank – a kind clutch. For this purpose two knobs on both sides of the driver, which alternately or simultaneously otorbaeva wheels allow the car to turn, stop or try to move forward. For the latter, respectively, need to give gas.


The trouble is that as soon as you open the gas, the momentum will make the cockpit of a wildly spinning, which implies the presence of a very persistent vestibular apparatus have riders: