This guy must be one of the best drone pilots in the world: Video

Who driftit cooler: automotive racers or the pilot of the quadcopter?

This guy must be one of the best drone pilots in the world: Video

A couple of weeks ago on the street saw a interesting picture. On the big sports platform came a young man with a drone (the drone, for those who don’t know, this is a special manned aircraft, usually with four propellers). It was some cheap Chinese equivalent, and according to my assumptions and uncertain and very careful of the actions of the pilot started the quadcopter for a couple of meters above the ground, it was his debut, if not, then clearly the second or third flight. In the end, the entire practice ended after a minute when the aircraft is still hanging on the tree.


At that moment I thought how difficult it must be to drive this thing. You need to be a real professional. And as soon as the other owners don’t break their drones…?


Today, our Internet was randomly found confirmation of my conjecture. Indeed, it is good to control quadrocopter have to be a real Pro:



Or that drone pilot is a real ACE?


Anyway, in such a picturesque view not only enjoy the cool drift racers, but unrealistic, which removes all on camera drone. It is difficult to say which of these masters than race car drivers or the drone pilot. What do you think?