This gift is the most cruel joke on the motorist

USB flash drive, ideal as a Christmas draw!

This gift is the most cruel joke on the motorist

Imagine that you are opening your Christmas gifts and find yourself in one of the beautiful boxes with bow key FOB from Mercedes-Benz. What will be your reaction? Tons of happiness and overwhelming love for his neighbor? Still, after you bought the car!


All of this is true, but only until, until you discover the gift is not the guy mimics and a new car under the window there. “The key,” meanwhile, is nothing like an exact copy of the keychain USB flash drive. That’s a bummer!


If you still want to play your loved ones, make sure that the new “victim” never holding a real key from Mercedes-Benz. Though the USB drive (by the way, 2 Gb) made quite accurately, but knowing people from the very first moment you will understand that it was a hoax, and fun will not work.


This gift is the most cruel joke on the motorist

However, since the gift is still useful, stylish and practical, nobody will be hurt that he played.


But if you find yourself on the other side of the fence, and want to play you, and you never laid hands on the original electronic key, Mercedes-Benz, it will be useful to know how to find out what you fake, before pull the cap off the USB connector and you are all a good laugh.


The difference between the FOB and a USB drive “Mercedes-Benz”

Flash drive much less and much easier. Thus, the difference in size should be what tells you about a joke you first.


The texture and weight. Keychain that you get from the box will truly look like a real (although the plastic of which it is made is cheap, and no metal inserts), but tactile sensation in the second place to show you that something is not right here. The third bell will be the weight of the product. Real keychain weighs decently, certainly more than the average flash drive.


Putting two and two together, you will be able to laugh with all and to evaluate the usefulness of the gift.