Thieves reviewed militants: the Italian job

New year gangsta: robbery in Italy for $2.6 million

Thieves reviewed militants: the Italian job

A gang of robbers from Italy seized about $2.6 million in a brazen RAID, which would not have looked out of place in any Hollywood blockbuster.


According to the website Jalopnik, on one of the motorways a group of four or five people was intercepted by an armored van carrying a pension of more than $ 2.5 million dollars from the city of Bari in the South-East of the country, in the city of Matera. According to eyewitnesses, the bandits were waiting on the sidelines, and as soon as the car appeared in sight, they started waving guns, apparently in order to disorient the people inside the guards.



Immediately after that, the van ran into two flames truck details already reported by the newspaper “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, they are criminals in advance and set them on fire to block the road, blocking the road to the van. In the end, the criminals used two excavators parked at the side of the road to rip the roof off carrying cash car. It is noted that at this moment in the van was three guards. Fortunately, anybody from them has not suffered.


The masked robbers fled the scene in a waiting car.


The police blocked the motorway in both directions, but data on capture of criminals has not yet been reported.


But the creators of future films about the robbery can learn inspiration from the real criminals. So epic to steal the money had not been almost anyone in history. Although many of the nuances in this case is not completely amenable to logic. Maybe the bandits really were victims of the cinema?