The Russians have begun to abandon the car

And you would give up the daily commute by car?

1. Yes, because of expensive fuel 2. Would be the price of the repair below, there would be refused, but alas 3. Cork got faster on foot 4. Health above all! I will walk more – you’ll live longer 5. Ecology is more important than 6. I never give up!


Every day on the car ride – not enough money and health that showed the poll

The Russians have begun to abandon the car


Our people in the bakery on the taxi ride

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High gasoline prices, expensive maintenance cars, caring about the environment and about their health – this is an incomplete list of the reasons why a quarter of respondents decided to completely abandon their cars, told “Kommersant”, citing a study conducted by VTSIOM.


So, VTSIOM (all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion) is an organization fully absorbed by the sociological research carried out on the basis of public opinion polls of Russian citizens, in September of this year held a regular collection of information. This time it came to the question of whether motorists are ready to abandon the use of a personal vehicle, and if you are, then what is the reason for this decision? According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, in the survey participated 1.6 thousand people from different regions of the country. Here what results turned out:


September 2018

The Russians have begun to abandon the car

Order 25% of motorists are ready to abandon the “frequent use” of the machine. The most common reason, named by 48% of respondents who spend behind the wheel each day, were the high gasoline prices; in the second place by popularity (15% of responses) – cost of maintenance of cars; 12% said that traffic jams are so horrendous that they’d rather walk like; 8% had a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes walking; 5% of respondents were worried about ecology; the least number of respondents are so tired of bad roads, I never want to ride on them – 4%.



It is worth noting that, presumably, almost all respondents had in mind not a complete rejection of the car (its sale or transfer as a gift to relatives), and just a rare use of personal transport. Confirm it from year to year starting in the major cities traffic jams for hours. As soon as the coming “car season” – autumn, with its bad weather, frost and rain, all coming from holiday motorists immediately forget about saving and jump into your favorite hot cars, many of them practically will come out before the spring thaw.


However, this poll did not end. Were asked questions and those who do not want or can not abandon personal mobile transport. Here are the results for the part of the given argument is not to abandon the car turned (most common):

First place – you need a car for work (12% of respondents);

Second place – the house is located too far from the office (15%);

Third place – need to take children to and from school (11%);

Fourth – does not work public transport (8%);

Fifth place – need to carry the family (5%).


The Russians have begun to abandon the car

I wonder, are there any among our readers, motorists who use cars every day (almost every day) who are willing to give up the car or restrict its use?