The rule of three “D” (Give way to the Fool) works flawlessly: Video

That’s why on the road you need to be tolerant: a good example of an accident, which could not be

The rule of three

Do drivers learn from their mistakes or from the mistakes of others? We certainly hope so, but an endless stream of traffic accidents that we see on a weekly basis, tells us a different story.


These videos show us that drivers are becoming more intolerant to errors of other drivers. Here’s the proof, just take a look at the following frames:


As you can see, the driver of a beige Toyota Camry wants to build in front of the car with the video recorder with his right band. Despite the fact that Toyota warned of its intention to change lanes by the inclusion of the turn signal, designated for the safe execution of the maneuver was not enough. However, the accident might have been avoided, don’t go man who was driving a car in which was set the DVR on principle. The principle I’m right and nothing else matters! He started to honk, but the message did not reach the driver of the Camry, which went on his foolish maneuver.


Here also it was necessary to slow down, thereby giving way to the most “fool” on the Camry but instead, the author of the post behaved as if before him there was another vehicle making a maneuver “turn”, often used by us police against violators of traffic law. In other words, turned someone else’s car around the front axle and then it started… However, you’ve already seen if not looked at, be sure to view the video.


What useful lesson can be learned from this video filmed in the United States? But what is the rule of three “D” – “Give Way Fool”, invented by our grandfathers works flawlessly so far and on all continents. Even if you’re damn right but you see that the situation could spiral out of control, give in, you do not lose anything, you will avoid problems.