The new Suzuki Jimny and two new HD video with new

Perfect minimalist interior of the new Suzuki Jimny and the offroad quality: Video

The new Suzuki Jimny and two new HD video with new

The Japanese are wonderful people. They don’t live as most “people” in other countries. Probably, therefore the majority of foreigners coming to the Country of the rising sun in some moments arrive in shock from what they see there, from a different communication culture, architecture, food, and so on and so forth. Now, you’ve probably already heard that the Japanese in addition remove just a very strange advertising.


Japanese ad shocks the unprepared viewer. When you look at it you are getting or hilarious, or somehow uncomfortable and even sick. The third is not given. Boring ads they apparently do not exist. But there is an additional option that can be called “cognitive”. This is a car promo videos. In them you will not find anything extraordinary but at the same time with deliberate routine, the movie is extremely balanced shows all the details of the car, focuses on the positive features of the car, demonstrates its advantages.


Advertising promotional video of the new mini SUV Suzuki Jimny is of this cognitive category. Novelty it captures a moment in all its glory, and its compact interior is being shown exclusively in a positive light:



But there are even more exciting video, demonstrating off-road capabilities of a small SUV. For those who love trend, video more suitable: