The most useful technologies in modern cars

Technologies that make modern cars stunning

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Modern cars have proved their capacity for evolutionary development. Every year in the automotive world there are new technologies that change the idea of vehicles as such. Gradually descending in the budget or mid-price segments, they are included in the weight, then motorists just don’t understand how you can live without these convenient and necessary “little things”. Power steering, vacuum power brakes, wipers, heated seats… you can imagine that once this was not on the machines? We struggle to imagine… I’m sure not just us.


But the coin has another side. Because of the “boom” of electronics, the driver’s seat gradually is engaged in electronics. Electronic AIDS insure the person behind the wheel, and in the last few years to even start to replace Homo sapiens as part of the management of the car. Such technical functions prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of “driving pleasure”. When the driver, being a part of the car, it becomes his legacy. In these moments between him and the road a minimum barrier. Electronics, of course, prevents the occurrence of this symbiosis.


Perfect, in our opinion, is the use of secondary support functions, which mostly focus on the maintenance of a comfortable stay in the car that really make the routine better.


Compilation of 13 such things as times and reflects the best technical solutions in the automotive industry.

The camera of the external review

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Rear vision camera with 1 may this year become a mandatory attribute of all passenger cars sold in the United States. At least one camera must be installed on the cheapest vehicle. In more expensive models of cameras can be a few that will allow you to observe on the center screen behind the car above.

This feature makes Parking the car much easier to maneuver in tight spaces safer and easier.


Radar Cruise control

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Conventional cruise control is a good thing, but the adaptive system is made based on the radar really brilliant thing.


Thanks to the work of the system, the machine automatically adjusts to the speed of movement of a moving transport, and regulates the distance at a safe distance. It can help to relax a little and not strain on the highway in traffic. Iron horse will do some of the work for you.


Suspension “Magnetic Ride Control”

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Magnetic adaptive suspension is also included with top appliances to enhance comfort and drivability. Using a special fluid, the dampers can in a split second become hard as at a sports or malleable, like you are eating in a limousine. Everything will depend on the purpose of speed limits and the surface under the wheels. The essence of technology is based on electricity supply to the anode, which changes the physical properties of the cushioning liquid.


Technology is extremely popular among manufacturers of sports cars, it is used in everything from Corvettes to Ferraris.

Suspension Multimatic DSSV

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Passive adjustable dampers. Another type of suspension, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern SUV. The company invented the Multimatic adjustable dampers DSSV (dynamic suspension spool valve), efforts in which the compression and rebound can be set within wide limits. But at the same time with great accuracy.


Used on all types of racing cars and SUVs such as the Ford GT, Camaro Z/28 vs. Colorado ZR2.


The double-clutch transmission

The most useful technologies in modern cars

We know that nothing can compare to the feeling of control the manual transmission. But if you have an automatic transmission, you can’t go wrong with the choice if you prefer a double grip. Switching will be smooth and lightning fast, which raises the ride comfort to a new level, and the response time of the checkpoint is unlikely to be higher.


Electronic limited-slip differential

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Mechanical limited slip differentials are well proven in the 90-ies. But progress does not stand still. If you want to feel what a car with advanced technology on Board, you have to choose the electronic system.


Depending on what turn you come in, they can block/unblock the right direction and send power to the required wheel, which requires torque most.


The torque vectoring / brake

The most useful technologies in modern cars

This system works by braking the inside wheel during cornering, which simulates a limited-slip differential.


It allows you to better distribute torque to the wheels, and give more grip to the tires.


Basically the function works without problems, so you won’t feel it at all. You’ll just see the result.


Monitoring “dead” zones

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Another very important and convenient security system. We all know that long and heavy vehicles in the mirrors are the so-called dead zones, which can be lost even “KAMAZ”. To prevent this, the manufacturers agreed to install on the external mirrors, special lights, controlled by computer and cameras. If the adjacent lane has a car and rebuild the machine itself will tell you about it.


Warning system of a possible collision

The most useful technologies in modern cars

We see no disadvantage in avoiding accidents when possible. System for preventing collisions, such as the Subaru Vision can alert you of a possible collision and even urgently apply the brakes for you if reactions will not follow.


Seats with heating and ventilation

The most useful technologies in modern cars

There is no better feeling than jumping in a ventilated seat on a hot day. The same applies to a warm feeling on a winter day, which gives the heated seat. If you had a car with heated seats, and even better – vented, hard to go back to the ordinary seats of the “Lada”.



The most useful technologies in modern cars

Yet rare feature that may in future become extremely popular among all drivers. All 33 pleasures, which no one could have dreamed even 10 years ago.


Heated steering wheel

The most useful technologies in modern cars

Heated seats – a good thing, but no less pleasant to feel the heat, warming your hands on a cold day. To come up with a heated steering wheel.


There is no need to wear gloves when you drive to work in the morning in the winter. The car is already taken care of your comfort.