The most important safety feature of a car is not what you think

That’s what is most important for safety of any car.

The most important safety feature of a car is not what you think 

How do you think the most important thing in any car for safety? Pillows? Maybe seat belts? Actually no. This is what we, unfortunately, rarely remember.


Usually when buying a new car we are very picky (and should, of course, to be picky). We are interested in the styling, quality, fuel economy, reliability, feeling driving, options etc. and, of course, an important role is played by security. For example, buyers of Volvo cars safety comes first. When it comes to security, usually dealers love to spend hours talking about the airbags, adaptive seat belts and various driver assistance systems.


We love to hear managers praise what we are trying to sell. And admittedly, most modern cars today have a good level of protection for driver and passengers. Nevertheless, for many of us the issue of security in the purchased auto plays a major role. That is why car owners often buy cars with different security systems and driver assistance. We like when there is a system of monitoring of blind spots, the backup camera that displays a rear view on the screen in the cabin. We relaxed when in the car there is an automatic collision avoidance, Parking assistance, help system of intersections, the control system motion in the strip system the proximity warning system of detection of pedestrians on the road, etc. the list goes on.


And all this, of course, very good. Indeed, modern cars are compared with their recent predecessors have become much safer.

But it’s still not the most important safety system in any car.

The most valuable safety feature is something that was on your machine all the time: your car’s tires.


Surprised? But it’s actually not surprising. After all, people usually pay little attention to the wheels of his car, oblivious to the fact what an important function they carry in the car. Unfortunately, motorists don’t think about tires until you feel the need to think about them: tire wear, change of seasons, etc.

But it is wrong. Every driver needs to pay more attention to the wheels and not to rely on various newfangled assistance systems in the car, which in the case of damage to the wheels at speed you most likely will not help.

The most important safety feature of a car is not what you think 

Don’t forget that the wheels of your car serve you and your safety in any weather, be it cold, heat, rain or snow. The tires in any car help you to stop wherever you want. Often in the process of stopping car drivers usually do not even think about it. Pressed the brake pedal and the car like an obedient pet, I obey. But, alas, if you do not follow the condition of the rubber, sooner or later this principle of relationship with the car will play with you a malicious joke.


Sometimes we invest a lot of money and lose a lot of time bringing my car in working condition. We follow his car like are the holders of ancient relics, standing millions of dollars. We are blown away the dust with his machine. But, unfortunately, very often overlooked car wheels, which are the most important in any car.

Especially depressing is that today, in the era of the difficult economic situation in the country, the road becomes more and more cars with bald tires. The reason for this is lack of funds from motorists who are trying to postpone the purchase of new rubber to the maximum. But this is nonsense. Bus is the last thing you should be saving. Because the wheel is the only thing in the car interacts with the road surface. Of course, the condition of the tires depends on the quality of grip. You should not forget that the tires are in good condition need not only to have the opportunity to stop wherever you want, but in order to avoid collision in case of an emergency.


And finally, the tires affect the noise in the cabin of your vehicle and your comfort. After all, rubber is in good condition and gives the car a smooth quiet running. In dead rubber the car will be harsh and noisy on the inside.

Also, do not forget that in addition to the state rubber each driver needs to remember to check the pressure as under-inflated wheels will not only affect tire wear, but also increase fuel consumption.

The most important safety feature of a car is not what you think

So make it a rule to check tire pressure at least once a month. So you, at least, will control the pressure and, therefore, can affect safety, tire wear and even fuel economy.


There is another way to significantly increase the security of your machine. To do this, purchase wheels that will never lose pressure if punctured. Yes, though they are more expensive, but nevertheless the use of such wheels will significantly reduce risks on the road.

So, despite the abundance of modern industry various security systems, wheels will always remain the most important option. And you don’t have to forget about them. Remember that your safety is in your hands.