The Lexus LS second generation cooler Merce [He just newbigen]

Old Lexus so don’t kill that can go 1.5 million miles

The Lexus LS second generation cooler Merce [He just newbigen]

“One million Lexus” or “Million Mile Lexus”, under this title in the States for several years held the experiment over the once prestigious, and today frayed life the Lexus LS, the flagship sedan of the second generation XF20. Iron horse slowly reaches its goal of 1 million miles. There are very few, the car is still on the move and not going to give up. However, the LS pulls not without problems, the main of which was the state of the chassis and a number of other difficulties. The odds of the sedan before the anniversary?


Sedan Lexus LS owns Matt Farah, who bought it with the mileage policy 900.000 miles on the odometer (about 1.440.000 km). The goal was set quickly – run over 1 million But as it turned out, easily drive another 160 thousand is not an easy task. Therefore, over several years of ownership, he gave it to their friends so they too made a contribution to hard work.


Currently, the “left-handed Japanese” is in the care of adventurers, Anna and Anton, who are trying to overcome the maximum distance for the project. Interest to the old man is growing every day, so the project was expanded to include another obzorschik YouTube – Alex Palmeri who drove the car on the lift and gave viewers a small tour, showing the current status of the Lexus.


The inspection sedan you can look at the form in the original (about 9 minute video). Highlights we put it in writing:


The flagship Lexus 90-ies, as any high-quality car with high mileage suffers from a variety of small failures that ideally it would be nice to eliminate. Especially distinctly it is visible on this model, where the various rubber bushings in the chassis, the suspensions of the rear part of the transmission (11 minute video), seals and dust caps have come into complete disrepair. In the first case, it is clearly evident from the backlash of the suspension, felt in the movement due to external vibration. This is facilitated by the same Bush, on which hung the differential and the control arms. In the second, the problem also revealed a visually – all the bottom from the engine to the automatic transmission oil and other technical liquids. Flows from everywhere! On the approach and the wheel bearings.


By the way, the automatic transmission is the only element, according to the owners, which had to be repaired. All other elements in varying degrees the original. Of course, replaced the consumables and resolved minor damage (for example, replaced the front suspension arms), but globally nothing has been done.


The Lexus LS second generation cooler Merce [He just newbigen]

Technical fluids leak from everywhere

Since the car most of my life spent in California, he collided with the main problem of all car – rust. Over the decades, it has not affected, in fact, not a single element. The car, the second, 1996 edition. That is, he is 22 years old.


The Lexus LS second generation cooler Merce [He just newbigen]

Levers rear suspension play all

As soon as the diagnostic scanner connected to the OBD port, the computer of the car showed several problems. However, we must pay tribute, the list is not great. Perhaps this is due to the fact that sensors in the second generation, Lexus was still a little. Therefore, most of the breakdowns are simply unknown.


The Lexus LS second generation cooler Merce [He just newbigen]

Diagnostics revealed not very many problems. Perhaps it is in a small number of sensors

Conclusion at the end of the video was done as follows: by car, you can drive on the roads, but ideally you want to eliminate all the problems from the suspension, leaks, and other minor but multiple “trouble”. Similar to the Lexus LS, but very rusty, you can buy in Russia for 150 – 250 thousand rubles.