The humidity in the car: How to dry your car

Wet work: How to deal with moisture in the car?

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car

The humidity in the car leading to misted Windows, which reduces visibility and increases the risk of accidents. With these tips you are guaranteed to dry your car.


You got the misting in the car? You can’t get rid of excessive moisture in the cabin with the coming autumn / winter? We will show you how you can prevent the formation of moisture in the car.


The reason moisture is usually quickly eliminated

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

The problem with moisture in the car is easily explained. In cold or wet time of year the fog (moisture in the air) just condenseries in the car due to the fall in temperature.

Especially most of the moisture is formed in the car during the night hours when air temperature decreases. In the end, the moisture previously contained in the air settles on the cool glass of the car. Unfortunately, moisture got into the car just won’t go away.


Another reason for the formation of moisture in the car is the irregular maintenance of the car. Yes, if you treat your car without proper attention, then later tortured with excessive moisture in the cabin. But these problems are easy to repair.


We have collected for you the most important tips that can overcome the annoying humidity inside the machine. Most of the things you can do yourself, unless of course your machine doesn’t need to change the rubber seals, sunroof, etc., which most likely you will need expert help and probably a lot of investment.


Here is a list of the main culprits in the excessive formation of moisture in the car.


1) Dirty cabin air filter

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Many drivers regularly change engine oil, air filter, oil filter, etc. Some even change the consumables more often than recommended automaker. And it is certainly good. Frequent replacement of consumables in any case will not hurt your car.


But surprisingly, many motorists often forget about the regular replacement of another important consumable is the cabin air filter, preferring to change it very rarely. Some car owners believe that it is necessary to change almost every 30 000 or even 50 000 km.


But this is a mistake. Did you know that a dirty air filter is almost the main culprit of the formation of moisture in the cabin? The fact that a clogged cabin filter may not pass through a sufficient flow of air. As a result, the ventilation in the cabin is disrupted.


Including disrupted the withdrawal of excess moisture from the car. Through how many it is best to change the cabin filter? Unlike manufacturers, many senior recommend changing the filter every 10 000 – 15 000 km.


2) Dirty forced ventilation

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Each machine has in the back a small hole that performs the function of forcible ventilation of the interior. Many of the cars they are in the trunk. Unfortunately, the owners do not know what role to play in the car such technological holes and make their Luggage. In the end, in the car disrupted the natural ventilation in the cabin, which increases the humidity. In the end, condenseries moisture on the Windows.


3) Use special pillows to dry the interior

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Alas, sometimes high humidity in the street does so simply to get rid of moisture in the cabin. Fortunately there are special pillows that perfectly pull moisture from the air in the cabin. Over time, this pillow will be wet. To dry the pillow, place her for a short time in the microwave.


4) Clean the engine compartment

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

In autumn weather we often cause discomfort falling leaves that stuck to the car body. Unfortunately, very often the leaves fall into the hood space. Especially bad when the leaves clog the space between the windshield and the hood, where many of the cars are located the outlets for the oxygen supply in the cabin. In the end, leaves clog up the vents, disrupting the natural processes of drying air from moisture.


5) check the condition of the seals body and door

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Unfortunately, even the most reliable cars in the world is not eternal. Everything is gradually falling into disrepair due to normal wear and tear. This also applies to the rubber seals the door and body.


But you can extend their lifetime, regularly oiling them and cleaning from dust and dirt.

Also watch for seals in the sunroof and the rubber bands in the trunk. Otherwise, sooner or later the bands will begin to pass into the cabin excess moisture.


6) Cleaning of the drains in the doors

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Clogged drains in the doors is the most common problem of excessive occurrence of moisture in the cabin. To avoid this, regularly clean the drains in the doors are steel wire, so that the water could freely run through these channels. Otherwise the doors will accumulate a lot of water, not only will lead to a permanent misting in the car, and even accelerated corrosion of the doors.


7) Use of rubber mats

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

When does the autumn-winter period, usually in our salon is to get the ice and snow, which of course starts to melt. In the end, from the formation of excessive moisture it is very hard to get rid of.


To somehow reduce the level of humidity in the cabin, use rubber floor mats that hold good water, which is easy to remove from the salon, pulled a rug from the cabin. By the way, also in the fight against moisture you can in a pair of rubber mats to help ordinary newspaper, which is like a sponge that can absorb water.


8) Use special sponges and rags

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Special sponge and microfiber fabric doing a great job with the formation of excessive moisture on the Windows machine.


9) Proper setup of ventilation of salon

The humidity in the car: How to dry your car 

Unfortunately, not all drivers know how to use air conditioner in your car. As a result, many incorrectly set temperature set and inefficient demisting. In the end, even with the a / C machine glass can be very wet.


Not to adjust the climate system by the method of “spear”, better read the instruction to the car, where usually the automaker will detail how to adjust the temperature and airflow in the cabin under different weather conditions.


Tip: to quickly remove moisture from the Windows, turn on the mode of the glasses to full capacity by installing higher temperature.


Misted the car window in this case will quickly become transparent. If you want the windscreen became transparent as soon as possible, then close the Central vents in the cabin, directing air only to the windshield.