The hero of the day did not give the hijackers to steal motorcycle: Video

The hijackers underestimated the ordinary owner of a Ford Fiesta

The hero of the day did not give the hijackers to steal motorcycle: Video

The incident occurred in London, UK, where two motogonshchiki on the scooter drove up to the parked bike and started working on his deportation. Apparently the motorcycle was recorded by the chain or it had a lock on the brake, so quick to assign someone else’s property, the thieves failed.


While one fumbled with the lock, the second was “on the lookout”, at this point, and approached our hero on a simple Ford Fiesta. Immediately realizing what’s going on here young man decided to confront the hijackers. I would know this good Samaritan that for the sake of production in the form of a regular road bike in modern Britain can kill! In the hands of one of the hijackers appears weapon: heavy hammer, which the bandit instantly sets in motion – it Fiesta, breaking the headlight and striking the mirror.


The guy leaves the scene of the crime for some time, hiding out of frame surveillance cameras. However, the thieves also decide to retire, throwing the criminal venture.


If only they knew what to leave back home they will not succeed. Karma catches up with them in the form of a scooter, which simply refused to start, and then what happens is that you’ll see in the footage:


The result: the bike is saved, the machine is broken, the guy with an active civil position gets +10 karma. I hope the bad guys. this case will serve as a lesson.