The fourth pedal in the car. View, for what it is

Why in some machines the fourth pedal?

The fourth pedal in the car. View, for what it is 

All cars have two or three main pedals — it depends on the type of transmission. However, there are models in which manufacturers install one additional pedal. And we are not talking about cars for driving instruction. Many motorists know why this fourth pedal. But surprisingly the drivers (especially the young) who are not familiar with such equipment of the vehicle. So what makes this fourth element in some machines?


This pedal is responsible for the Parking brake, usually called a hand brake, or “Parking brake”. In most cars, this Parking brake activated by lifting the lever located between the two front seats, or using the push button if machine is equipped with an electronic Parking brake.


In the car with a foot-operated Parking brake, which looks like a pedal to put the car on the “hammer” you just need a foot pedal. This decision at one time was popular in American cars. In Europe, most recently the company Mercedes-Benz also used foot-operated Parking brake on almost all vehicles. But now this pedal leaves many models of Mercedes. To replace the mechanical pedal Parking brake comes electronic Parking brake.


We already talked about the fact that the days of the manual Parking brake are numbered. E-or as it is called electric “handbrake” is conquering the auto industry.

The fourth pedal in the car. View, for what it is 

Every year in the world there are more vehicles equipped with electronic Parking brake. And I must admit the electric “Parking brake” has a lot of advantages and the only disadvantage, which they say many drivers of modern cars, is a potential problem in winter.


Especially when the battery runs out. Nevertheless, for the electronic handbrake future. In addition, with the help of new technology motorists no longer need to care about the degree of tightening “the Parking brake” for fear that the Parking brake is a little clamp back pads.


Electronics management electric Parking brake always put the car on the “hammer” as it should be.

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