The five most slowly falling cars of 2018 (summer-autumn)

Estimated residual values of passenger cars: Top 5

The five most slowly falling cars of 2018 (summer-autumn)

Automotive marketing Agency “Russian Automotive Market Research”, which not so long ago told us about the most stolen cars in the nine-month period from the beginning of 2018: Named Top 15 most stolen models of cars in 2018, has prepared a report on the new direction, calculating the residual value of cars for the July-September of the current year. The forecast for the Top 5 passenger models are available for evaluation purposes on the official website so That’s what he showed.


In July-September 2018 the most popular models on the market new cars according to Russian Automotive Market Research are:

Lada Vesta

Lada Granta

Kia Rio

Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Creta


“After 3 years of owning a car the most among the top 5 models, the price will decrease by Hyundai Solaris – 30.2%. After five years of ownership of the top-5 least of all will lose in the price of KIA RIO – 38.9 per cent”, the experts of the Agency.


Thus, it is noted that the residual value of Lada Vesta in three years will amount to 75.2%, the Grant is 76.4% (i.e. this car for a period of three years will fall in price the least, only 23.6%), Kia Rio 73.5%, Hyundai Solaris and Crete will lose from the initial value of 30.2% and 24.6%, respectively.


Thus, the picture for the five-year period, among the Top 5 will change slightly: the average car Lada Vesta will retain 58%, Lada Granta – 60.9%, Kia Rio – 61.1% (the best result of conservation rates), 57.5 and 58.2% at Hyundai and crossover Creta.


Why would I know?

The five most slowly falling cars of 2018 (summer-autumn)

Preparing for buying a new car, the potential buyer focuses their attention on the many factors that, as a rule, and are criteria in order to make a final choice. However, examining and exploring the variety of characteristics and indicators, future owners often miss this important point, as the liquidity acquired a new car after a certain time period from the beginning of its operation. Simply put, when choosing a new car, it will be important to answer the question — how much will cost this car in a few years on the secondary market, i.e., how the machine will lose in value in three, five or more years since the beginning of its use?