The engine starts turn the key in the keyhole of the door: how can this be?

Whatever is going on in this video… – start the vehicle from the door handles, it’s weird!

The engine starts turn the key in the keyhole of the door: how can this be?

I’ll be honest – I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this video and why it’s happening. All I know for sure is that it post it on YouTube. The meaning of the video revolves around the fact that someone, somewhere is trying to open the car door with the key, and this key outside the car, starts the engine. That’s all!


Here is a video that explains nothing, just present it as a fact:



As is clear from the video, we see the Toyota, the key and hear the sound of the starter. I mean that this plot could be very easily forged, and the sound of the engine added later. On the one hand. What if all this is true? Let’s pretend that we believe in the reality of what is happening. Is it possible that with the help of external larvae of doors under certain conditions it is possible to start the engine? And that it can be conditions?


In the description of the video on YouTube narrated the following history:

“I work in the parts Department of the dealer. Bumped client, saying that her key FOB does not open the door. I changed the batteries in her key. Surprised that it still didn’t work, I went to the car to manually lock and unlock it, and found that the key trying to start the car, not unlock it!”


Based on the foregoing, and based on the information given in the dialogue between the owner and the employee of the service, it seems that the woman that owns the car, just noticed that this happens because said that are usually not keys to open and close auto, instead using remote FOB.

One of our readers in their automotive life at least once faced with this kind of unique challenges or we are dealing with a trivial falsification? Is it possible that in a modern car with sophisticated electronic “nervous system”, the signals from the turn lock larvae door somehow mistakenly trigger the starter? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.