The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

As an electrician saves car classics

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

It is wrong to ask what the fuel consumption of these vehicles also do not try to learn the volume of the tank — automotive shop automotive features familiar classics, which transferred to electric traction.

Experiments with the transfer of machines and mechanisms for environmentally friendly source of energy has spent Nikola Tesla. Work in various areas continued for decades, even a hospital bed was equipped with batteries to make life easier for patients and health staff.

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

The technology then was adapted to the needs of the automotive industry and has reduced the amount of harmful emissions. But it’s not very happy, the oil magnates who openly advocated the preservation of classic internal combustion engines. Interestingly, gasoline and electricity go hand in hand today, despite the exhortations of enthusiasts about the death of petroleum products and the care in the past of engines running on them.

EV West is based in an office complex just North of San Diego and is housed in four compartments. All that can be found in the “speed shop”: dog, car racing, engineer, conjuring his own project. Everything runs on batteries, except the dog.

Custom M3

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

E36 M3 1995 issue thanks to EV West has received a major boost horsepower. The car was created to participate in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is an international racing competition, where the participant is on time overcome the uphill length of almost 20 km race will Start at a height of 2 862 m and finish at 4 301 m above sea level. The informal name of the competition – “Race to the clouds”.

Modified E36 M3 won an unusual contest in 2012, having overcome a distance in 12 minutes. To create the champion took 4 years and components from Tesla P90D. Was also upgraded the batteries of the electric monster.

M3 was retrieved from storage because of the need once a day to upload 200-foot charger. But electric cars are not so demanding in terms of service, as a standard racing model (except for having to charge massive batteries) that runs on gasoline. This is confirmed by the specialists of the store, as well as E36 M3 1995.

Eco-Friendly Speedster

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

Not spared, green technology and stylish retro classics. Brilliant, restored 356 Speedster proposes to make a voyage around the neighborhood. Charge installed on the car batteries will last for more than 250 km. it is enough to visit cafes and restaurants in the orientation trip.

For some this car is a great sacrilege. The appearance makes you admire the good old Porsche air-cooled internal combustion engine. It’s the smell of exhaust and the feeling that the arm classic Swiss mechanical watches. In fact, stuffing them replaced by quartz, and no traditional exhaust gases. Such a good upgrade or not, to judge each person.

Work on improvements…

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

EV West converted a car from petrol to electric, while retaining the other characteristics, including operational — all in the cabin remains virtually unchanged. But presented the Prius was completely improved is touched, in particular, steering, braking system and vehicle dynamics.

In doing so, the makers of the prototype say that such conversions confuse the Prius, but even more unexpected is driving this pattern. There is nothing wrong in the rhythm of the standard model, but add new toppings makes for a different look and assess your car. It contributes to increased heart rate at a set rate.

EV West package includes regenerative modular battery pack, so that it can be reversed in a few years, because energy technologies are developing rapidly. This car remains operational practicality inherent to Toyota, but the looks got more personality.

Nimble old man

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

Speaking of daily driving on VW Doka, paint which weathered like the skin of lizards, suspension, alarming thud and throb, then pleasant moments is impossible to find. Old VW vans, usually barely picks up speed alarmingly ineffective when you stop. In General, such devices are fun, but terribly slow.

Model from EV West is gaining speed faster than today’s GTI, stops immediately, easily and smoothly cornering and even a little will bring back, if sharply to press a gas pedal.

The best reward here are the perplexed looks of passers-by. Some even frown by such speed and dynamic behaviour. A detour in a circle with the flow fun a warning signal, forcing pedestrians to remove nimble old man on camera mobile phones.

EV West provides the opportunity to gain experience in the management of an electric vehicle with a manual transmission. This model is not fundamentally a new creation, it just uses a different source of driving force. The instant surge of torque electric drive is addictive, but here it is combined with the ability to change gears using conventional gear.

So, you can keep the car in first gear and stop it without the clutch. These comfortable and pleasant “technical quirks” does not fundamentally affect everyone’s favorite classic management concept.

Battery is not an anchor

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

Porsche 912 1966 refuted the idea that the charger significantly increase the weight of the car. Also not confirmed the postulate that the energy storage is good for powerful cars, so how much affect the drive, reducing its traction. So, Porsche 912 1966, in the electric actuator has three times more power 4-cylinder of the original and weighs the same as the modern 911S with a full fuel tank.

The car drives like a classic Porsche. Actually, the battery on the front panel changes the weight distribution and eliminates the pendulum effect from concept rear location of the engine in a standard car. The result is little 912 is as balanced as a modern MX-5 and is incredibly fast. He slips the turns with the brakes on which you can rely with complete confidence. Looking back at the car after a trip, it is hard to believe that this model is 1966 issue.

The makers of the prototype say that he ordered the client who wants to combine modern technology with the spirit of the era. The workers themselves Studio said that they do not seek to radically change the car is for the exterior and toppings. Translate machine back to a gasoline can in one day.

Working with the powertrain is no different from what happens in the services of Porsche. Masters are also using laptops set the drive to combine high performance with safety. Also searches for problems of a technical nature.

How are electric supercars

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

The guy from the Studio is sent to Los Angeles to stay there and to seek the necessary components. It’s constant calls, talking about the new electric drive for its creation, and viewing of videos with electric Cobra factory kit based on the Factory 5. So are the working days of the experts of EV West.

At this time 3D printers wash the cable connectors. Several engineers work on the settings for electric M3. One section of the store filled with rafters, engines and batteries of Tesla, removed from spare car and ready to install.

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

Shop EV West is speed. There is a job that is suitable for those who love cars, who have a desire to build, Tinker and create. Masters and customers don’t really care, what goes on in his unit — the important thing is that it is the fastest.

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

Famous motorcyclist and the surgeon Anakin Skywalker Ewan McGregor recently took my oval beetle 1954 for full electrification. Once the upgrade is complete, it will feel like a fish in water transport in modern traffic. Ever power range will not be a problem for electric cars. Roads are likely to be full competent small electric crossovers, quick and clean.

The electric motors are under the hood of old cars: Easy

It is a future that can look bleak for any enthusiast, but the work done by EV West, guaranteeing that something will remain constant. Combustion is temporary and burn-out is forever. And this does not happen with enthusiasts that create similar cars.

Author: S. Vasilenko