The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

Whether you need an electric bike? Let’s get together

The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

When I first heard about electric bikes, I thought it was the thing standing, and all around cool. It allows you to go relatively quickly without the hassle of public transport, do sports, not much to sweat, to get from point a to point B without spending a fortune on petrol and car maintenance. Being an avid cyclist since childhood (I have a hobby of sports), I decided to check that he is such a beast – bike. If he needed me personally what real benefits it provides and what are the objective disadvantages can find it. That’s what observation was noticed in the end:


3 (most common) type elektronikov

First let’s define the terms. Electric Bicycle, or on foreign manners – “ebike” is any Bicycle that has an electric motor. There are three main classes elektronikov:


Bicycles with pedal drive. Abroad this type of bike is called “pedelecs”, we are called “bikes with a BB drive type” or bicycles with assist pedaling. Electrical assistant (motor) on these bikes is activated using the pedals. The principle of operation of the system is determined by the rotation of the pedals, which is why the electric motor is activated by pressing on the pedals while pedaling. The electric motor acts like an assistant that facilitates the movement as coming from the electric power proportional.


The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

In different countries the power of the motor is limited to the legislation and does not go beyond certain limits dictated by the requirements of traffic Regulations and safety.


So, in Russia, the bike will be the equipment with motor power up to 250 watts. All that above – it’s a moped and the list goes on, up to the full motorcycles. In other countries, e.g. USA, power of electric motor is limited to 750 watts that in comparison with our legislation corresponds to the class of mopeds. The maximum speed is usually limited to around 30 km/h. Again, due to the security issue stock cars mostly do not exceed this value. However, always in every rule there is an exception:


Power on demand (throttle control motor-wheels): system of electric drive on these bikes occasionally combined is activated through pedaling along with the possibility of inclusion of the electric choke, but, more often, exclusively through the throttle arm – similar to that installed on the motorcycles (for example, with the button or the rotating of the trigger).


The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

This kind elektronikov has the same maximum speed and limit the power of the engine as the bike of the first type, but as you do not have to pedal to activate the motor, the bike with the throttle system of the type may be restricted in operation depending on the terrain, if you have mountainous terrain, this kind of bike may not apply to you.


Speed pedelecs”: same type of work drive the bike as in the first considered case, however, thanks to more powerful engines, can achieve speeds in excess of 40 km/h. there are bikes in the sale rarely and are under legislative prohibition in most countries of the world as a Bicycle, as fall under the classification of a full-fledged scooter, with all the responsibilities this involves: the need to obtain a driving license (any of the other open categories of rights, A, B, etc.) or a temporary permit to drive the vehicle, check the electric vehicle in the traffic police. In General, unnecessary movements, which will discourage the desire to have a normal cyclist to buy this kind of bike – it’s easier scooter to buy.


Also elektrobayka vary according to the type of drive. There are front-drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, depending on where you installed the electric motor.


And so, a month ride on the electric bike showed the following pros and cons of e-baik’s


The advantages of electric bikes

They’re kind of fun to move around

The bike works wonders. When you eat, you’ll find yourself in a fairy tale. Any obstacles suddenly disappear in your way. Blows a powerful headwind? With the help of the motor it will cease to Rob you of precious power! Ahead you can see the slide, stopping on which you would have to sweat? Now it’s no problem, just slowly turning the pedals, and the clever electronics do it for you hard work.


The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

This, incidentally, is the main advantage of bikes with the BB type of drive. You are straining pedal, thereby facilitating the task of the electric motor, and the latter, in turn, helps you. Speed is not lost, and health you just added (you do though minimal, but useful work), and electricity do not spend money in vain. The power of symbiosis in action!


When you first get in the saddle and experience the incomparable feeling.


You can really go to work on the bike, without a change of clothes

On bike to work. How do you like the alternative to the car? In fact, more and more people are covered by this kind of idea. Someone buys scooters, and other ride normal bikes, but others take elektrobayka. If you work up to 10, 20, or even 30 kilometers, this is the perfect mode of transport to reach their places of work in the spring and summer-autumn period. Advantages over conventional Bicycle unconditional – even in the terrible heat you are wzmacnia. Colleagues will thank you for it.


You will save money

There is nothing to say, if you compare the bike to any other motorized form of transport (mopeds, motorcycles, cars, helicopters…), in most cases, the e-bike will cost much less. Yes, of course there is premium great, but even they will cost less than the average new car. Add to this the cost of gasoline/diesel, the price of insurance, repairs and other maintenance costs of a car or motorcycle, and you will realize that eco-friendly individual electric vehicle wins on all counts.


If you take a folding electric bike is the entry level (35 – 40 thousand roubles), at a constant seasonal use to travel to work, on the nature of to the nearest lake for his other cases you a few years to discourage investment in electric bike and start saving even on public transport. Sounds must be a little weird, but as it turned out, some owners have purchased these bikes it is from such considerations.


For environmental campaigners

Perhaps a lot of this item will not be interesting, but I decided to include it in the list of pros, because what could be better than feeling that you are contributing to the destruction of the fragile ecosystem of the Earth? And you can be proud of themselves doubly, because any owner of the most environmentally friendly of the Prius or even an electric car like Tesla priori causes much more damage the very fact of buying the car.


The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

All the lithium for batteries, metal, plastics and other materials without which it is impossible to create a car that is extracted from the earth in huge quantities, and so our planets continues to suffer from motorization. Plus, electricity is still produced by power plants that burn fuel, emitting atmosphere is poison. All of these factors are minimized in electronica. As in conventional bicycles, they are generally practically reduced to zero.


The movement – force

Another point concerning power-Cycling. On it you will be fit, alert and active rider.


Actually about it so far is a lot of debate. Cyclists prefer a normal bike with pedals, of course stand in its position and does not recognize “their” fellow athletes owners elektroveniku arguing that sports should be no electric aides. I absolutely agree in this regard.


However, it is worth noting that according to the studies, if you use the bike you will burn just 20% less calories than when screwing the pedals of a conventional two-wheeled “iron friend”.


Is this true, I don’t know but I know one thing, it is better to do at least some exercise, than not get it at all. I think you will agree with me.


You save time

Public transport is good, but you need to walk and you have to wait. With the bike you came out of the house – climbed on the bike and drove off. During the week I conducted a simple experiment – one day I went to work on the bus one day on the bike, alternating attempts. It turned out that on public transport I spent 25 to 35 minutes to get to work, while two-wheeled transport on the spot I was in 20 minutes.


The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

I’m sure the same result at medium distances can be achieved using the metro if you do not live within a five minute walk to the nearest metro station.


Remaining a few days in a similar experiment I conducted with the car. In this case, the temporary parity was preserved, the car to go faster was hindered by the tube.


You will get more

At the end of the month of owning e-bike the Ohm I came to the conclusion that this form of transport perhaps may be suitable for people who want to play sports (any Amateur sport), but it is not enough willpower, since the first three months for the novice athlete the most difficult. Need to get used to, as they say, and soul, and body. This habit may quietly give the electric bike with pedal drive, where you still have to pedal. The load will be distributed evenly, and muscles to train gradually.


For the next season already you can easily Supplement your ride ordinary bicycles, increasing their skill and fitness. Then everything will depend solely on your desire. Whether you want to progress and become a real athlete, or continue to ride for fun on a fast, maneuverable electric bike.


The bike is not a car isn’t stolen (if it is reliable hid it)

This one is definitely a controversial item, which refers both to the pros and cons of using electric bike. When you get home, your iron horse you can store in your apartment. At least I did so. The dimensions of the bike no more than usual, so calmly walks up to the standard balcony apartment standard area. But there is a significant negative weight. 25 – 35 kg, this is not a joke. So, if your house has no Elevator, about buying such vehicles will have to forget.


The cons of electric Bicycle hybrids

Overall, the pros of the acquisition, we will talk, and the overall picture is more or less you have got. But where there are pros, there are cons. What negative traits have elektronikov. In my opinion they are the following:


They are not cheap

The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

Yes, the electric bike is much cheaper car, but he’s also decently more expensive than any road bike without a motor. Add 30, 40 or even 50 thousand rubles from the top (the amount may be much more impressive. Here is a model for 700 thousand rubles: Haibike Xduro Carbon FullSeven 9.0), when you purchase a bike of the same class, and you will understand that it is cheaper to take the good old tank on a conventional chain drive.


Add to that the cost of insurance (yeah, there are people insuring them), a good lock (not to steal), torch, helmet and other accessories, and ask yourself the question: “are You going to ride this bike enough to justify its cost?”


Although, as we said earlier, there are enough budget and unassuming model, allowing a few years to start really saving. However, their disadvantages remains:

A lot of weight (30 kg or even more, despite the fact that more expensive velobike weigh a little more than 20 kg);

Small external appeal;

Possible problems with the reliability from low-cost models.


They are heavy

The easiest bike that I found, weighed about 18 kg, without baskets, racks, locks and other accessories. Thus, this is not the bike that you are going to throw over the shoulder and drop to the sixth floor.


Do not leave it on the street

When electrodevice standing in the street unattended, it will be to watch closely velogonki. Do NOT LEAVE e-bike unattended. Rocking chairs, though obesite their expensive iron horse will not help. However, this applies to ordinary bikes.


If there is a Parking lot, try to put the bike there. Otherwise if they leave it at work at the entrance, at one point, you will not find your property on the rightful place.


The same goes for Bicycle storage at the entrance or the so-called “waiting room” on the floor. There is also wielded by the hijackers, don’t give them a chance.


You need to plug it in

Don’t forget that the battery needs to be charged. If you forget about it, you will have to wait for an unpleasant surprise – help from the machine in ways you don’t get and will have to go back home, perhaps even on foot.


Batteries have disadvantages

The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

The mileage of the auxiliary electric motor is limited from 16 to 96 km depending on driving conditions.


Some bike models have a secondary battery that you can carry in your backpack to change them as needed, but this extra trouble and weight.


Do not forget that batteries also need replacement after a certain cycle of charge-discharge (average of several years), adding to the cost of operation.


People might start to hate you

As you know, a Bicycle is a vehicle of increased danger. Moreover, a bike that can accelerate to 30 km/h. this means that you have to be extremely careful on the road. Watch for pedestrians, motorists, other cyclists, trying to predict their actions. Otherwise, the accident will not be avoided. Of course, like any other bike, you adult able-bodied citizen a path to the sidewalk is closed.


Recall that the movement of cyclists (on a conventional bike) older than 14 years possible (in descending order):

Cycling, Cycling and pedestrian paths or Bicycle lane;

If they are not – on the right edge of the roadway;

On the side, if there is insufficient space on the edge of the carriageway;

On the sidewalk or the pedestrian path (in the extreme case, if there are no alternatives, but it is better to dismount and carry the bike near).


On electric bike, due to the rather high speeds will ride on the road. This means that you hate car drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and even other cyclists. At least in some situations, it seemed to me that way.


Can deprive of the rights for an accident on a bike?


The bike is a danger to the cyclist

The electric bike: the Pros and cons [Is?]

When riding a bike always wear a helmet. This rule is a thousand times more important when using an electric bike. It is not only speeds (on a conventional bike can accelerate, no less with some slides), but it is important to remember that control of some types elektronikov may be harder due to higher torque to the drive wheels. Slippage of the tyre on an unstable or slippery surfaces is fraught with the fall. We need to remember this and to begin to practice to control the bike. Moreover, there are models with front-or all-drive type, and to manage them should be quite different.

Do not forget to note that despite the fiznagruzki, for many experienced cyclists will miss her. Therefore, health to the extent to which he would have received on a conventional bike, electric bike do not wait.

No all-weather form of transport

Electricity afraid of water, dirt, snow and low temperatures. To go when you want on this bike will not work.

What is the result?

At the end, for me, psychologically, riding a Bicycle with an electric helper was difficult. If I was in the game and turned on some magic cheat code.


Squeezer bike month, I shamelessly gave it back to the owner with a light heart and moved back to his usual muscle-powered bike. For me was a combination of incongruous motor and legs. Maybe someone really will be able to find in this strange type of transport more pluses than minuses.


But one thing for sure is bothering me – if there is more than 118 years since the first bike with an electric drive, they never spread, so this was reasons? After all, right? And if it’s resolved the problems of the past in this bike? There is a persistent assumption that there is.

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