The cat of Chuck Norris riding on the roof of the car: Video

100 km/h on the car roof is not the limit for the coolest cat of the month

The cat of Chuck Norris riding on the roof of the car: Video

A cat named “Rebel” (in English: rebel, rebels, rebellious) accidentally jumped on a car and a ride with the breeze on the roof of the family minivan at one of the local highway of Nebraska, to the surprise of others life-threatening stunt. Fortunately for the cat, all went well, people noticed it, took video (where do without it), then immediately warned the owners about the “stowaway”, and at the end, let kotofeika back to earth.


The American film industry for a very long time making films about imaginary heroes, drawing inspiration from the same comic with them unrealistic in every sense of the heroes: Captain America, Ronan, Thor, spider-Man, Hulk and even ant-Man. Many of them we have all heard and some of us have seen them large-scale rescue operations on the screen.


It seems that soon in the Pantheon of marvel should be a new superhero – “cat daredevil” or “cat Rebel”. His superpower would be the ability to drive a car with your mind, using telekinesis, being directly on top of the car. Well, or it will warn their masters, so they carried it on the cat’s Affairs in the name of peace on Earth. Something like that.


After his risky trip, the cat became a local hero shots with his rescue came on the local TV station KETV Nebraska and then on CNN:


It turned out that the furry beast is actually owned by the family were in the van, and they apparently had no idea that he jumped on the roof. A rebel, be a rebel, does what he wants – he walks where he wants:

Video from YouTube-channel: Paul Van

Krieger (owner of the main character) said that he heard meowing in the van, but said nothing to her husband because I thought that it seemed: “It was unreal”. The neighbors in the thread, in the other car, were able to convey to owners about the uninvited passenger:


“Just before the car pulled up beside us and started honking, I thought I heard a “meow” and I never told my boyfriend because I thought to myself: “Why should I hear meow?”


In the end, by staying, they realized it was their pet.


“When I took it off from the roof of the van, he was quite calm,” said Krieger. “He was shaking, heart thumping wildly, nothing. We are more afraid of than he is.”