The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

7 fun ways to workout using the car

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]


According to the precepts of Alexander Nevsky (of the actor), it is possible to develop a method of training in the car… Here’s how it could look.

The technological progress of humanity thing is very strange. On the one hand, it is necessary, as a part of human nature to make and create new – it is inherent in our genes, on the other hand, this is the progress we gradually destroys. Example of life faced by many motorists:

As soon as the family has a car, you know, begins the era of total laziness. Most people who will have access to a car are likely to begin to operate with or without. Need to go to the store, which is walking 30 minutes? It is better to take the car! You need to take your child to school? Better to take him. Go to work in the middle of a big city bus? Now going to drive straight to work.


Everything is comfortable, convenient and nice, but leads to health problems. Reduction of motor activity, pulling a whole bunch of different diseases, including obesity. What do you do to keep healthy? You have to train! But if from morning till night I’m in town for work and no time to go to the gym or on the Playground? Perhaps answering this question will help the next comic set of exercises. Although, as is well known, in each joke only a joke share. So not taking everything very strictly, let’s see what is theoretically possible to replace exercise equipment at the gym with the car?

How much to train? 3 sets, 6 reps

Download the inner pectoral muscle the wheel

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

This exercise will give your chest and the inner chest muscles necessary load for the working of the volume and relief in difficult to train with a barbell.


Turn the key in the ignition, open the steering wheel and put your hands in the position of “10 and 14”. The car will not start. Continue to turn the steering wheel. Slow rotation during repetition are key ingredients for quality work breast.

Note: the rotation of the wheels in place can take advantage of for your muscles, but these approaches are not as useful to your tires.

How much to train? 3 sets, 10 reps

To download the press even in the car

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

In order for the ball appeared cubes, belly need to download. Moreover, it can be done right in the car seat. Move the seat to a distance where you can easily stretch the legs forward and recline the seat back. The simulator is ready! You can download the press being right in the tube. Well, let’s say, if you sit in the passenger seat and you don’t care what the world thought of you.


Don’t forget to exhale on each lift!

How much to train? 5 sets, 15 reps

Pull-up wide grip

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

Another exercise for the old biceps, it will make you sweat during the run. Park, lay down rear sofa, lie down the top of the head in the direction of the trunk and reach for the handles on the ceiling, feet put on the dashboard, or keep the shed, if you are so cool. Start doing vertical pull-UPS.

Not swing, and then tear off the handle or drop the windshield. Follow the breath.


How much to train? 3 sets, 8 reps

Pull-up narrow grip

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

Another useful form pull-UPS. Your bicep, shoulder, and lower part of the broadest muscles will thank you. In this case, destroy your car you will be more difficult, just do not come off, but that didn’t close the back door it is necessary to remember, otherwise the fingers definitely not be good… you Also need to understand that for this exercise, you must have a wagon or a crossover. In the sedan so do not work.


Original position as in the previous exercise. Slowly go up and slowly go down. So the muscle will be pumped better.


How much to train? 3 sets, 8 reps

Pushups in the trunk

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

What could be more efficient and easier pushups? It may be nothing. So push-UPS should be included into the General program. Triceps and chest muscles will thank you later.


Keep the feet close to each other, and place hands shoulder-width apart. Then slowly and steadily lower the body, maintain tension in the triceps and lower yourself as low as possible, as slowly as possible. Remember, triceps are two thirds of your arm, why not focus the training only on the biceps, they are smaller.


How much to train? 5 sets, 12 reps

Push-UPS on the car

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

The last exercise is ideal for active training after the exhausting trip. Came home, got out of the car, threw a leg on the hood or trunk (depends on how you trained, because the angle will turn out different and the load on the hands will be the stronger, the steeper the angle) and begin to do push-UPS.


Here it would be nice to get to catch on socks feet over the surface of the body, sneakers must not be dirty and the back during push-UPS in no event it is impossible to curve or bend towards the earth. Movements measured and smooth. Don’t forget to breathe. Inhale when lowering down, exhale while lifting up.


Pump the shoulders and upper chest.


How much to train? 3 sets, 8 reps

Warm-up: lifting the roof MX-5

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]

Additional exercise to pump the biceps and triceps. For this, you will require a convertible that is not a pity (here under the mercy of got Mazda MX-5) and its mechanical folding roof. Downloading muscles in the hall!

The car as a way to build muscle [7 Gifs]