The best tips for buying tires in the Network

Tire choice: one head is good, but a lot better…

The best tips for buying tires in the Network

Buying tires can be scary for many motorists. Especially if you’ve never done this before. After all, today the number of new rubber in the automobile and tire head is spinning. Of course, many car owners are lost when selecting the correct rubber and they are sometimes difficult to decide what is better to buy. And here it should be noted that all the rubber is different. For example, there are tires that are more suitable for sporty driving, and there are tires more suited to the quiet, moderate drive. Including the choice of rubber you need to take into account local weather conditions and the quality of the road surface in the region where you live. Otherwise you risk that the new rubber is purchased in the short term will turn into junk. But don’t worry. To choose the tires. You need only go to head. Don’t be afraid. Edition will help you.


We recently decided to explore the market of automobile tires in Russia, as well as various network forums and thematic groups in social networks with the aim to find the best advice on buying new tyres. Based on our research, we have compiled the TOP best tips that will really help you purchase the correct tyre for your machine.

What is the advantage of the research of opinions and reviews online? First and foremost it allows you to move away from the loyalty towards a particular brand. That is why we have carefully studied hundreds of pages of messages in social networks dedicated to car tires, to understand how people choose tires and what guided their purchase. So let’s see what we faced on the most popular forums on the net and on the pages of the popular automotive groups in social networks. Go!


1) Two pieces of advice that will help you choose the right tires

The best tips for buying tires in the Network

– Here are my 2 tips for those who are scratching their heads, what kind of tires to buy to then not regret:


  • 1. First before purchasing the tire carefully read the testimonials of people in the Network, whose tires are already worn out at least 1/4. That is, listen to the opinion of the drivers whose tires had already passed 1/4 mile from the highest possible resource.
  • For example, if the maximum capacity of the tires the manufacturer claimed 50,000 km, then to listen to the opinion is possible, if a motorist drove this tire is at least 12 000 km If the resource tires claimed 80 000 km, the valuable opinions from car owners who have this tire was at least 20 000 km.


    Remember that almost all tires are smooth, quiet, well balanced and have excellent grip when they are new. But unfortunately, a lot of problems because of the quality of the tires occurs approximately between 25-50% of tire wear. Most often, when the rubber wears out 25-50%, appear hernias, noise, problems with balancing, aquaplaning, etc.

    So when you look at the reviews, suggest you to skip messages from the owners about the tires, which has only recently been bought and passed some more kilometers.


  • 2. Look for reviews about tires that was used on the same machine as you. The fact that today there are many universal tires, which theoretically can be used in all vehicles, ranging from sports kupesic and ending with the vans. But, alas, miracles do not happen. This rubber behaves different cars in completely different ways. In the end, one and the same tires on the same car can last as long as possible, whereas on another machine, maybe only 10 000 km to turn into rags.

    When you are trying to find online reviews about the tires, look for the opinion of the person who owns the car in the same weight class, which includes your car. It is also desirable to be approximately the same engine power, wheelbase and dimensions of the car.

    This will allow you to avoid reading reviews from owners of mini-vans, swear that the tires are comfortable and quiet, while the owners of runabouts curse this rubber due to the constant aquaplaning on the road on these tires. Remember that the same rubber on different classes of cars behaves in a completely opposite way.




    Finally, another tip. No, this is not advice, but my observation. In recent years, manufacturers of high quality expensive rubber reduced the quality of their products. In the end, don’t expect the most expensive tires will last you as long as possible. Today, the price is not indicator. Although more recently, with expensive rubber could not be of the quality to compete with manufacturers of cheap tires. The fact is that today, manufacturers of expensive tires are more focused on the characteristics of their products, sometimes forgetting about her online. However, this does not apply to all brands of tires. In most cases the expensive tires still on average last longer than cheap tires. But again it all depends on what kind of car to use it. You know that you can kill the junk tires of any manufacturer in a very short time.


    2) Choose the right time to buy tires

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    If you notice that your rubber that’s completely worn out and soon you plan to buy new tires, do not hurry to run to the store for a new set of wheels. If you intelligently approach the process of buying new tires, you’ll be able to save a large sum of money. First, you should know what is most advantageous to buy tires in the offseason, when the automobile and the tire is experiencing a lull. This is usually the period from may to September-October and January to March. Usually in this period there is a sharp decline in the purchase of new tires. Of course, the queues disappear and tires. It was at this time the sellers of tires usually make a nice discounts on tires and tire service lower price tags for their services.


    Second, each of you has the opportunity to purchase tires at a good discount at the time when the manufacturer takes the old model of tires, replacing them with new ones. At this point, all the stores are trying to get rid of as quickly as possible from the old models of tires. Of course, you can do this by offering good discounts on the product. At such moments, you really can buy new tires with a decent discount. In some cases, motorists can even buy new tires at a discount of 50%.


    3) a Few simple tips before buying tires

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

  • 1. Choose the tires depending on how you intend to use your car. If every day you’re driving in traffic from home to work and back, you don’t have to purchase expensive low-profile sports tyres. Yes, sports tires, of course, sounds amazing and has interesting characteristics. But you don’t need them. Also don’t expect from it some space endurance. Alas, often low profile tires are not very outstanding resource.

  • 2. Find people who own the same car as you. Pay attention to what tires they use and their condition. If possible, talk with owners to learn how proven these tyres. Check their feedback reviews online.

  • 3. After buying new tires and mounting them on the car a few weeks later I advise you again to come to the tire shop to check balancing. It often happens that in the first week of use new tires they balanced flies.

  • 4. When you pick up the car from the tire shop, it’s not wrong to check the tightness of wheel bolts. Remember that it is your safety and the human factor on the tire has not been canceled. Better to check once more bolts than sorry.

    4) Before buying a new set of tires, check the alignment and suspension

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    If your old rubber has died and you have purchased new tires, do not rush to put them on the car. First you need to diagnose the condition of the suspension and check the alignment of the wheels of your car. The fact that the worn rubber could you not notice the problems with the suspension or similarity collapse, in which often there is uneven wear of the tread rubber.

    So if you don’t want your new tires in a short time has become worn, it is better to pay the money for the diagnosis of the suspension and check the alignment of the wheels.


    5) Buy a tire that is released recently

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    Buy tires with a recent date of manufacture. The fact is that, over time, degrade even new tires. All, of course, depend on the conditions of storage of new rubber in warehouses. But, alas, in our country this is no one cares. In many auto shops tires stored outdoors in direct sunlight. In the meantime, any tyre fire fear of ultraviolet. So if you buy new tires, which had lain in the sun for a year, then do not wait from it as long as possible service life. Therefore, before purchasing the tyres, be sure to check the release date of the rubber. To do this, locate the four-digit DOT code on the sidewall of the tire, which indicates the week and year of manufacture of the tires.


    6) If you live in a Northern climate, get proper winter tires

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    If you live in a region with harsh winters, then in any case do not buy all-season tires. Also I do not advise you to buy studless tires, which is more suitable for use in Metropolitan areas with moderate winter climate.

    Yes, studded tires are more expensive. But this overpayment is worth it. Not only will you get the best safety on winter roads, but also the best comfort while driving.


    If you are the owner of an SUV or all-wheel drive crossover, don’t think that your car can change the laws of physics in the universe (unfortunately, many drivers of SUVs think so). So don’t expect your four-wheel drive car on all-season tires will work wonders on the listed roads in the Northern regions of Russia.


    Yes, buying all-season tires is very tempting. After all, buying tires on all year round, we save not only on one set of tires, but the tire store every time the seasons change.

    But believe me, it is a false economy. In fact, in the world nothing is perfect, if we are talking about universality. Did you know that all-season tires wear out faster because of the peculiarities of the chemical composition of tires? So, buying all-season tires, be prepared not only to less safe driving in the winter, but also to the more frequent purchase of new tires.


    Buying two sets of tires, you will change tires, much less. You’ll also get tires with better adhesion for a particular weather/time of year. Including you will get the best security at every time of the year.


    7) Forget about buying a used tire

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    In any case, do not purchase used tires. If you can’t afford to buy new tires, then you should think about whether you need a car at all. Maybe if you are unable to serve and contain costs to sell until better times?

    Remember that buying used tires is the cat in the bag. You don’t know how they were used previously. Did you follow them to their former owner: regular checking of the balancing, puncture repair timely, accurate riding without falling into deep holes, etc.

    The fact that when buying used tires you may not notice the damage to the internal cords of the tire (which is usually manifested by hernia). Unfortunately, because the tires are often sold without wheels without air pressure in them, you will hardly be able to see the hernia on the side walls of the tires.

    Yes, the market is theoretically possible to find good used tires. But the probability to buy a dead rubber more. Don’t forget that. Also note that the market today is full restored of rubber, as well as outright Chinese fakes. So your savings can leave you at an exorbitant price. So remember the wise saying: “We are not so rich to buy cheap things”.


    8) advice from a Pro

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    I was a specialist at the tire for almost 20 years and I can tell about several useful things.


  • 1. Never wait until the last minute to buy new tires. It is advisable to buy a set of new tires in advance. Otherwise, when you find yourself in a bind (for example, a badly damaged one old worn out tire), you have to take in the stores that is. After all, as the law of meanness at the tire shop might not be in this moment what you need. So do not delay purchase of new tires at the last moment. Otherwise you not only can face the problem of buying the right tires, but may wait for a strong price increase if, for example, forced the replacement tires came in high season.

  • 2. Don’t be a slave to brand. Nokian or Michelin are not the world’s only manufacturers of good tires. Believe me, there are these companies not the best tires. Found even marriage. Remember that each manufacturer has good and bad tires. For example, many do not like the tire company Goodyear, which often complain about the owners. But not all tires of that manufacturer are bad. They have very decent quality with excellent characteristics.

  • 3. Do not try to save on owning a car. Especially on the tires. If you need tyres, to be able to survive the winter, buy quality winter tyres. If you need a high-performance summer tires, then do not spare money. Do not use all-season tires. Even if your car in the winter in the garage. Better buy summer tires that will be more reliable.

  • 4. If you don’t know what tires to buy, consult a professional.

    9) Inspect the tires that you want to buy

    The best tips for buying tires in the Network

    In the shop before you pay money for a new set of tires, inspect selected model rubber. You have no idea how much you can learn interesting things about the rubber, just touching it. For example, touching the tire, you can see how soft and fine her the side wall. If the side wall of the tyre is too thin, it can be very susceptible to lateral damage. If the side wall is too soft, your car may be unstable on the road. Especially in the rut.


    In addition, always look carefully at the tread. Remember that over time, the tread on your tires will change as they wear. And the more bells and whistles with fine protector, the faster your tires wear and tear will lose their main technical characteristics, about which so like to speak manufacturers rubber. So in some cases, depending on where you are going to operate your car, overpay for a fancy tread tires unjustified. Because many of the elements of the tread can disappear due to wear already to 10-15 thousand.


    10) If you annually pass a few kilometers, then do not buy tires with a long life

    Remember that not all tires are the same. Some tires are designed for long and intensive use, while others have small service life. Naturally, the stronger and more reliable tires, so they are more expensive. So there is no need to overpay for tires with great durability and resistance to wear, if you have a year with little mileage.


    For example, if you pass 10, 000, then you makes no sense to throw away money on sverkhizluchenie tires that cost a lot of money.

    If you buy expensive branded tires, which on average have a lifespan of approximately 100-130 thousand km, then your runs you will to wait very long for tread wear. On the one hand, it’s good. But there is one significant disadvantage, which negates all the advantages. The fact that any rubber eventually loses its physical and chemical properties. And loss this not depend on the mileage of the car. In the end, even the most durable tires after 6-7 years becomes less flexible and uncomfortable, causing your car can turn into terribly tough vehicle. Many drivers even start to think that it’s in the suspension and shock absorbers. But what is their surprise when, after installing the new rubber even to the old machine returned to its former softness and comfort.

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