The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

Innovation of the year, which has propelled the industry for decades to come

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

2018 was swift and rich in all kinds of automotive techno-novelties. The future does not wait, it requires ambulance electrification, autonomy, control, he needed the most powerful and efficient engines, innovative design… apparently, it all sooner or later will be implemented. At least, if you take into account what we have seen over the last 12 months, it is possible to predict with sufficiently high probability.


The most incredible V12 engine from the Aston Martin Valkyrie is able to spin up to 11.100 rpm

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

The sound at maximum speed V12 hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie – is something unimaginable. If you don’t believe us, listen for yourself:


The 6.5-liter naturally aspirated unit, technically based on a 2.4 litre V8 Formula 1 engine Cosworth. Powerplant is rumored to produce up to 1.130 HP. But serial hypercare Aston Martin is still a hybrid setup…


“Superokna” back door GMC Sierra


What could be simpler than opening small rear doors of the truck? GMC Sierra 2019 model year, denies this axiom, providing as much as 6 (!) options open the tailgate!

You can probably not make this device in the class of “revolutionary”, as inherent in it the features use fairly basic concept and technology, but the way they combine these ideas… that’s what’s interesting:


Tesla Model 3 ‘Superbottle’

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

Tesla Model 3 set item, bearing the simple name “Superbottle” (superstyle), which is proving to be an atypical cooling circuit, whose elements Packed into a single compact system. Pump, heat exchanger, valves and much more, all Packed in a single storage tank of complex shape. Looks like simple, but is proving to be a brilliant invention. The best of the technologies that we saw in 2018.


Off-road “cruise control”

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

Off-road cruise control is not something new that came to the automotive world in 2018, but one of the best representatives of such a narrow cruise control we saw it this year in a BMW X5. With advanced technology in a large urban crossover did wonders during your test drive.


Not far behind the Americans: Ford Raptor 2019 and the new Jeep Gladiator pickup truck has also received electronic assistants that allow the driver to relax a little, even in conditions close to extreme.


Modern four-cylinder engine on a large pickup truck Chevrolet Silverado

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

The fuel economy of this motor is not shocking, however, this new 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is with 18, the year may be found under the hood of the Chevrolet Silverado is the only four-cylinder power unit for the full-size truck, equipped with a large number of modern technologies.


Water pump it is electric. There is an electronic valve controlling circulation of a cooling fluid, instead of the usual thermostat. The all-aluminium engine has electronically controlled variable timing and valve lift, direct injection, oil pump AC performance, and promises almost to win “turbolag”.


Flexible carbon fiber rear wing McLaren Speedtail

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

We certainly have seen sports cars with active aerodynamic technologies, which debuted on the 1000-strong McLaren Speedtail, could not imagine ever before! The car air flow are not regulated by the usual spoiler, but by the body, flexing the latter in certain places.


Such a system could be implemented due to the fact that the body Speedtail made of carbon fiber, and it in turn can be extremely flexible material, in this case, after hundreds and thousands of flexion-extension, in areas of critical load the cracks should not appear (at least during testing this was observed).


McLaren describes the benefits of an integrated “dual active ailerons” in his press release thus:


With a tolerance of 1 mm between the surfaces, this breakthrough technology virtually eliminates any gap between the vehicle body and the front edge of the spoilers indicate that the occurrence of turbulent air flow, parasitic resistance and loss of speed.


Located on the edges of the rear of the Speedlight, retractable ailerons have optimal aerodynamic characteristics and configured, you can move the center of pressure and to provide the necessary level of downforce just when we need them most, for example, when slowing the function of air brake, and at high speed to increase vehicle stability.


Mazda SkyActiv-X

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

This year Mazda revealed the third model of the Mazda3 for the auto show in Los Angeles, but more importantly, in this new beautiful car presented in two body styles – the hatchback and the sedan, there is a new generation engine called the SkyActiv-X, which promises significant fuel savings by using the latest technology, called “launch spark control” (SPCCI). This new method of ignition of air-fuel mixture allows petrol engines to operate on type a diesel power unit burning fuel with compression.


The whole point of the new engine SkyActiv-X from Mazda


Four technologies that will be remembered in the outgoing year

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

Part of this technical innovation in the automotive industry are making progress not only major brands but also lesser-known firms. However, that doesn’t make them less important.


Regenerative braking system of the new generation (a function in which the power generated by a traction motor operating in generator mode, returns to the electric network of transport), the new hybrid drivetrain, Aisin, as well as, carbon batteries, Faurecia (the cooling mechanism shown in the above photo) and three-layered hydrogen fuel tanks made of carbon fiber / plastic / fiberglass. These innovations have shaken us at the Paris motor show not less autonomies.


Autopilot Tesla Model 3

The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

Autopilot, the semi-Autonomous driver assistance system from Tesla. Smart and convenient feature has become even better in 2018. Alas, to make adjustments, Tesla has encountered several major problems – when using stand-alone systems have been accidents in which people were killed.


However, now the robot “sees” far more cars and obstacles on the roads than other similar “autopilot”, which makes her the top technologies.


But do not forget that in spite of that, electronics is not yet able to replace humans. There are a number of nuances in Autonomous driving, which make the use of electronics is unreasonable and even dangerous. For example, approaching the turn, you will naturally a little throttle. The system didn’t do it, the car flew into the turn at full throttle, risking to depart from the road. Unsafe, but so futuristic!



The best automotive technology, with whom we met in 2018

FLIR has developed an installation that uses the vision to help people see animals and pedestrians sooner than is possible under normal conditions of observation.


The developers have gone further and now the technology is applied to create Autonomous vehicles. The imager serves as another visual layer for the software of Autonomous vehicles, which scans the area in real time and responds to the environment around the car.


Thermal imaging catches the light of lanterns, road markings, signs. A large part of the three-dimensional information is lost in the grey tones of the environment. But what is important moving objects – cars, cyclists, animals and people – notable robot in the night better than when viewed through a standard video camera. When such technology was only available to James bond. In 10-15 years they will be on all cars in the world.


Tesla Model 3 “Track Mode”

Electric cars ceased to be boring… But to make it even more fun, Tesla came up with a new Track Mode for Model 3, which uses the unique qualities of the motors for fun.


Entering a turn while braking, the “Track” mode gives the command rear motor temporarily to increase the sending power to the rear axle, letting the last few degrees to the side, with the help of calculations of the mathematical model to give the maximum available lateral acceleration given compression of the suspension.


He then adjusts this prediction by analyzing the actual slip speed of the tire. After the apex the front motor takes a leading role in providing sufficient power to cause muted understeer, pulling the car out of the turn and stabilizing it.