The authorities started thinking about the abolition of 50% discount on fines: what are the chances

Greed: the authorities can cancel the discount when paying fines

The authorities started thinking about the abolition of 50% discount on fines: what are the chances

Unexpected and frightening for all drivers, the news suddenly came from Tatarstan. President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov made a proposal on the abolition of 50% discount when paying fines for traffic violations, saying at a meeting on issues of road safety, the following:


“Statistics show that we only lose 2018 3 billion, which could direct the repair of roads, implementation of measures for road safety. A fundamental improvement of the collection of fines, we have not seen, about no more”, the press service of the head of the Republic.


Therefore, according to the President of Tatarstan, the system of discounts at payment of penalties is not justified. A third of motorists as violators do not pay fines, and continues not to cover it. At least this is the situation according to the Minister of internal Affairs of Tatarstan Artem Jahorina:


“Often the courts make decisions about doubling the amount of the fine. However, to pay in a hurry not all: the execution of such judicial decisions is 72%,” cites the words of the Minister RIA Novosti.


The initiative is planned in the government of the Russian Federation.


Recall that a 50% discount for payment of the fine in a 20-day period introduced a few years ago, from the beginning of 2016. During this time, the Department reported the increase in the collection of fines traffic police in the summer of 2018 reported that the discount for drivers of fines is important and drivers increasingly pay on time violations, using the assignment:

“In the first half of 2018 by the state traffic police issued 55.2 million of resolutions on appointment of administrative punishment in the form of a fine, of which 54,1 million could be paid in the amount of 50%. Just paid with a discount of 31.9 million, representing 87% of the total number of paid administrative fines 36.8 million This suggests that the vast majority of drivers and car owners have used a fine “discount””.


Is there a chance for promotion proposal into reality?

The authorities started thinking about the abolition of 50% discount on fines: what are the chances

Yet count such a possibility is not possible. At the moment 50/50. In the pursuit of occupancy of the budget and pursuant to the instructions of Vladimir Putin on the reduction of accidents on the roads, you can expect to take all kinds of tough laws. Moreover, initially the discount was introduced as a temporary measure to increase collection of fines.


Now, when tightened many of the laws for the collection of debts by bailiffs (officials became more features), the discount is likely really has outlived itself. After all, no such experience in any country in the world, gradation of fines are, but discounts in them don’t exist. Violated – whether it is good to bring to the Treasury a penalty. Therefore, the smoke without fire does not happen, it can be.