The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car

The pros and cons of automotive exhaust systems.

The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car  

You know the basic types of exhaust systems? Do you know what material is made your exhaust system and what it has advantages over other systems? In our world nothing is perfect, as there is no perfect exhaust system and the world’s best material. We’ll explain everything.


You’ve probably heard, like the sound of the exhaust system in high performance cars. Also repeatedly listened to the exhaust system of your car. However, many of us do it in time to notice a leaky exhaust. But have you ever wondered what made the exhaust system of your car? Do you know that the creation of exhaust systems in the automotive industry in our days uses a variety of materials, each of which has its pros and cons? Let’s consider the main:


Mild steel

The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

The most common in the automotive industry with a material used to make the exhaust system that is iron mixed with a small amount of carbon. The exhaust system of this material is cheap to produce. Soft iron readily receives any configuration.

Including the exhaust pipe of soft metal quite well suppress unpleasant exhaust sound, making it pleasant to the ear.

But there is this material one major drawback. Unfortunately, the exhaust pipe of conventional mild steel subject to rust.

Early systems of this material was made from raw iron and rot so quickly.


Then the manufacturers began to use iron exhaust system coated with zinc, which to some extent counteracts the imminent corrosion. And finally, one more important disadvantage of such systems is, of course, their weight. The fact that the steel exhaust pipe, usually quite thick. Why thick? It is necessary that the exhaust system has long resisted rust, before she does in the pipes through the hole.


Stainless steel

The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

Ideally, if you want a reliable exhaust system that will serve as long as possible, you need the exhaust pipe from a material that does not rust. For example, stainless steel. This is fused metal of iron with a content of 10-20% chromium, which is known for its resistance to corrosion.


Alloy of chromium and iron does not damage the steel. She still durable and malleable (soft enough for easy forming products). This makes stainless steel essential in the production of a wide range of products, including Cutlery, structural elements of buildings, bridges, surgical tools, etc. is Also indispensable stainless steel and in the manufacture of automotive exhaust systems.

Exhaust pipes made from this material will last much longer than ordinary mild steel. In addition, the exhaust pipe made of stainless steel much easier. There are different grades of stainless steels. But in the automotive industry in most cases for the manufacture of exhaust systems made of stainless steel, used steel room 409.


The only disadvantage of exhaust systems stainless steel – the cost. Unfortunately, this metal is inevitably expensive. Nevertheless, compared to other, more exotic car exhaust systems tailpipes of the stainless alloy sufficiently available. Yes, they are significantly more expensive than conventional steel systems, but still not cost an exorbitant amount. And given their advantages overpay for stainless steel exhaust pipe does not seem large.



The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

Stainless steel doesn’t suit you? Then, perhaps, the exhaust system, made of alloy metal containing the chemical element titanium, would you prefer.

Exhaust system made of titanium, as a rule, will be 40 percent lighter and as strong as steel. As a nice bonus of titanium alloys when heated will turn blue. Imagine how it will look your heated exhaust system made of titanium in the dark. Agree, unusual.


Manufacturer of exhaust system in titanium is significantly more challenging compared to the fabrication of exhaust pipes from stainless steel. Often in the manufacture of titanium exhaust pipes, you can use the same tools that are used in the production of stainless steel exhaust systems.

The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

The biggest drawback of titanium tubes is a more expensive set of parts of the exhaust system, but without special saving of the total weight of the entire exhaust system. Yes, unfortunately, contrary to popular myth the exhaust system made of titanium will not allow you to significantly reduce the weight of the machine.

But you overpay for titanium exhaust pipe lot of money. For example, a tuned titanium muffler Akrapovic for the Volkswagen Golf R is worth almost 157 thousand rubles. Here is an example. But are you willing to part with such a large sum of money for the sake of reducing vehicle weight is only 7 pounds, receiving in return only a louder exhaust sound?


No wonder why a titanium exhaust system are on cars not often. Most often titanium exhaust install on exotic sports cars or the tuning SUVs.



The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

Known as the “superalloy”, Inconel is made of mostly Nickel and chromium. Its durability is very high. Due to the high melting temperature Inconel has become a popular alloy in the aerospace industry. It is also often used in the cores of nuclear reactors.

Did you know that for many years the exhaust system of a Formula 1 car was made of Inconel-625? Thanks to this alloy the designers of Formula 1 cars were able to create a subtle exhaust system racing cars.

Therefore, it is possible to do lightweight exhaust system, which is very important for the final weight of the car. Including exhaust system from Inconel perfect on the car due to high heat resistance.

The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

As you probably guessed, once this material is used in the aerospace industry and in Formula 1 cars, we are talking about a very expensive alloy. Yes, it is. The exhaust system of this alloy are extremely expensive. And not just because of the fact that the material itself is very costly, but due to the fact that of this alloy to make a full exhaust system very hard. No, you can work with it and make complex configurations of exhaust systems, but the process is very time consuming.


Not surprisingly, cars equipped with exhaust systems made of Inconel, as a rule, belong to the auto Exotica. For example, this system installed on a sports car Ferrari 488 Pista.

In the world there are a number of manufacturers that produce for many sports cars, the exhaust system from the superalloy. For example, the company produces a Kline exhaust system from Inconel-625 for the Lamborghini Gallardo. The only disadvantage of this set of exhaust pipes for a luxury car is the cost. They cost about 750 000.


Which system is right for me?

The advantages and disadvantages of the various exhaust systems in the car 

All, of course, depends on how you own a car, and the size of your wallet. The majority of motorists will be enough of the system that was installed at the factory as standard. Believe me, given the fact that many drivers drive not a lot, your exhaust system is likely to rot already have another owner after you sell the car.

If you important that your exhaust system lasts as long as possible, get an exhaust pipe of stainless steel. Fortunately today the market is full of manufacturers of such products. It will be the most economical option for most. You will receive the corrosion resistance of the exhaust pipes at a reasonable price.


If you have the money and some rare sports car or SUV tuning, of course, you can spend money on exhaust system made of titanium or Inconel. But remember that overpaying a lot of money, you will not get large and real benefits.

Yes, these expensive exhaust systems have their advantages, but they are not justified, if you consider the cost of the exhaust pipes from exotic materials. But if you need to strengthen your ambitions, you have nowhere to do with money, then surely you can safely buy the exhaust system from the superalloy, then to boast that your car is the exhaust from the same material that is used on F1 cars.