The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist

Here are the most important things you should know about cars.

The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

No matter whether you are a young inexperienced driver or motorist with a great driving experience. There are things that everyone should know the driver. Here are some of them.


  • 1. How to change a tire on the spare tire

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    Sooner or later, at some point in your life you will definitely face behind the wheel with the wheel of your car damaged. Unfortunately, today not many motorists know how to change the damaged wheel on the spare tire. This is not surprising. Especially when you consider that many manufacturers have ceased to equip their cars a full spare wheel.

    First, in the auto world there was a fashion for docatch instead of a full spare. Now some cars do no spare wheel. Yes, in today’s world everything has become easier. For example, if you damaged a wheel, you can call a company that deals with roadside assistance. But sometimes it is easier to quickly change a tire yourself. Changing your own wheel, you’ll better about yourself.


  • 2. How to light a car

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    You have in the trunk set of wires for lighting? But the presence of high-voltage wires for lighting doesn’t mean you know how to use them correctly. Alas, gone are the days when, stopping on the road any car, it was no problem to ask another motorist to light up your car whose battery has died.

    Today you have more chances to meet on-road driver who doesn’t even know what set of wires for lighting. Therefore, every driver needs to know how to do it, and, of course, just in case of fire to carry a set of high-voltage wires in the trunk.


  • 3. Know what to znachitel safe driver

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    Everyone is saying that every driver behind the wheel needs to be a safe driver. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what it is. First, in order to maximize your safety and that of your passengers in the car, you should strictly follow all the Rules of the road. Secondly, you must always be extremely attentive at the wheel and in any case not to be distracted.

    Especially to messages on your smartphone. It would seem much easier to follow these rules. But why then, every day there are thousands of accidents across the country? The thing is, what is really driving distracted over nothing, a huge number of motorists. First of all we are talking about inexperienced young drivers. But, according to the study, about 27% of the experienced drivers are also often distracted from the road while driving. Most often, the blame for the smartphone.


  • 4. How to deal with the breakdown of the machine

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    Despite its reputation, the mechanics are usually honest. However, to get the best offer on the repair, you should compare several proposals for the fixation of the different services or garages. Unfortunately, if your car broke down right in the middle of the road, you have two options: to call a mechanic or take the car to the tow truck in service.

    Alas, in this situation you can not likely choose where it is cheaper to repair your car. That is why it is so important to understand its structure. After all, it will help you to decide which is more profitable to do: call a tow truck, paying a lot of money, or is it to call the place of damage to the car mechanic.

    But ideally, of course, when the owner of the vehicle knows how to troubleshoot minor defects. Alas, every year of drivers getting smaller and smaller. Today, more and more motorists fall into a stupor when their car broke down on the way.


  • 5. How to ride in any weather

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    Each driver must be able to drive in any weather. Yes, even if you live in the southern regions and know what a real Russian winter, only on YouTube clips, you are still required to be able to drive in all weather conditions. Because the weather is unpredictable. Especially in recent decades that have passed under the influence of global warming on the planet, which is not just even in the desert it was snowing, and in the Northern regions in the winter it was raining.

    Having the skills of driving in all climate conditions, you have a good chance to cope with all the vagaries of nature that can catch you on the road. So remember that if you have only recently got behind the wheel, but felt confident, it does not mean that you have finally become an experienced driver.

    Don’t forget: learning the driving continues throughout life. And the more you practice, the more confident and safer you will feel behind the wheel. By the way, this is important not only for you but for others.


  • 6. You should know that you need to change and what to check in the car if you planned IT

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    Some things to do in the car are very expensive. Alas, the cost of a car is often off the charts. But did you know that a scheduled maintenance of the car can be done yourself, saving money?

    Also every driver should know how to check tyre pressure, tread depth of tyres, wiper blades, all possible fluids in the car, etc. you have to know how to check all of the above, but, preferably, how to change this and fix if necessary.


  • 7. The value of your car

  • The 7 most important things that everyone should know motorist 

    Each driver should know the value of their machines. Because in the end, sooner or later, repair of your old car may exceed its value. In this case, it is advisable to sell the old car and buy more fresh or new. Also a clear understanding of the market value of your car will help you to find better insurance.

    We mean the hull insurance policy, whose value in most cases based on a certain percentage of the market value of the car. Contacting the insurance company with a request to calculate the cost of hull insurance policy and knowing the cost of your car and the approximate percentage that goes to the insurer of the car’s value, you will be able to understand whether the price is fair insurance.

    After all, if you were offered the insurance at a higher cost, then you can look for another insurance company that might offer you more loyal conditions.