The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018

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The best automotive technology in 2018.

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018  

The car is more than just the engine, transmission, body, interior and tires. They are full of the latest technology and incredible innovations that make today’s cars smarter, more efficient and safer.

Today, every automaker in the world throws all the forces to improve their cars with the help of latest technology. But among them there are those who really stand out from the huge mass of brands. The online edition made a list of the 10 best innovation 2018, which can be found in your new car.


Technology from General Motors: GMC Sierra Tailgate MultiPro

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

The new SUV-pickup as standard, which recently was equipped with rear door body MultiPro – restictive adjustable back door. It can function like a normal door, but can lean back and to the side (and not only). You can also use this door as a standing Desk, set it up for easy loading of the body, etc.

Additionally, the door can become a step to facilitate access into the body.


GM said that was working on this technology for many years, testing the door more than any other door in the entire history of the company. The tests needed to design a door that can stay in extreme conditions.

Additionally it is the most hassle-free and convenient rear vehicle door. When the owners of the pickups start to use this door, they are surprised that such a decision before that no one used. It’s so easy. But it is “just” there are long years of development.

So the rear doors of SUVs-pickup trucks in the auto world has not seen such a large innovation, and it is a big step forward.


Technology: Alert Hyundai Santa Fe


A few automakers in the world this year, has equipped its production vehicles with a reminder system for the driver to check the backseat. This system required that the driver forgot that the back seat is the baby. Also this option is useful in order to avoid leaving in the car pet. Why you need this option? The fact is that the global statistics are disappointing. Annually inside the car killed the kids who simply forget stuffy and hot in the cabin. Thanks to this system, the driver will never forget that in the backseat was a child.


Most cars with this system will generate an audible alarm and the message on the dashboard that you need to check the back seat.

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018

Unlike most systems of reminders, the Hyundai company decided to equip its new SUV Santa Fe special functionality. The fact that the system of warning about checking the rear seats is often ignored by drivers. Just get used to it and don’t pay attention to the warning system. SUV Hyundai Santa Fe equipped with motion sensors. For example, if the driver of some incredible way left in the car of the child or family pet and left sensors when motion is detected in the cabin, notify the car that the car owner will send a smartphone message.


This system is an additional layer of security. That is why technology Hyundai is much more progressive in contrast to the technologies of other automakers. And this is not another marketing ploy in the form of nobody wants a fashionable option. It is a tangible technology that can actually save lives.


Technology: Hyundai Santa Fe Safe Exit Assist

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

Hyundai developing its new SUV Santa Fe, focusing on innovation in security by equipping your car with interesting features. So, the new car has got the system security Safe Exit Assist, which not allows to open the door to the passengers and the driver when you exit the car, when there is danger. For example, when the side of someone’s car is (pedestrian) or moving (cyclist, motorcyclist or car).


If the side of the machine someone is moving, you will not be able to unlock the door. This is especially important when your children want to get out of the car without permission, not looking around. Also, the door lock system not only will not open the door in case of danger, but also will give the driver on the dashboard a warning.



If a risk of collision occurs after the opening of the door, the system not only warns the driver by a message on the tidy, but also gives a loud signal about the danger. This system helps the driver to keep their passengers safe in the time off the machine. Also, this option ensures that when you open the doors your passengers will not injure a passing cyclist, motorcyclist.


The system uses Safe Exit Assist technology blind vision. This useful security feature works even when the car ignition is off. By the way, Audi has a similar system. But we wonder what the SUV Hyundai Santa Fe, as this sophisticated and smart security system appeared first on inexpensive secondary car.


Technology: Jeep and Ram Trucks eTorque

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

This system is a mild hybrid designed to improve power and torque, and fuel economy.

Thus, the system of Jeep and Ram Trucks eTorque uses a generator instead of a conventional 48-volt power source. This generator restarts the engine when automatic start-stop system. Also, this generator assists the gasoline motor as a mini-hybrid installation.


Thanks to the new 48-volt generator, the developers promise a smoother operation of the start-stop system which automatically shuts off the engine when the car stops. Including with the generator of the car gets increased power and more torque.

Currently, this generator integrated with the engine installed on the Ram 1500 with V6 engine. Also very soon the generator will appear on the V8 engines.



Including the recent 48-volt generator got updated Jeep Wrangler with 4-cylinder turbo engine. In the near future it is planned to upgrade the motor and for SUVs, the Cherokee.


This clever system has already proved itself from the best side. Currently, many automakers including Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi, introduced a similar hybrid installation in their new cars.


Technology: Active suspension Audi A8

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

The Audi A8 has active suspension, as most luxurious cars on the market that are able to adapt like a sportier and a more comfortable ride. So today, the adaptive suspension does not surprise anyone. It was luxury cars are something very common and basic. But we like to highlight technologies that have been redeveloped for something else. And in the new Audi A8 has redesigned this new technology that deserves our rating of the best innovations in the automobile industry in 2018.


We are talking about the adaptive suspension, which is to improve the safety of the driver and passengers before the collision changes its geometry to reduce the effects of shock.

For example, if the car thinks there’s going to be an imminent collision on the side, adaptive suspension quickly picks up the side of the car up to 80 millimetres, pulling the car on the opposite side. The system is triggered half a second and if it detects that a collision is inevitable at speeds over 25 km/hour.



Why is it necessary? The fact that the car, which is faced with the raised side of the other vehicle crashed into the more rigid components of the vehicle created by the automaker to combat the deformation of the body during a crash. By the way, as dissemination throughout the world of crossovers and SUVs, according to experts, the consequences of accidents become worse. Blame the size of modern body crossovers. As promised in the Audi, this system in the future can reduce the serious consequences of accidents.


Technology: Wireless charging system for BMW cars

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

Each of you can now go to the store and buy for your smartphone is wireless charging, which is no less traditional. But wireless charging was first introduced for mobile phones, became available for the electric toothbrushes, watches and much more. It is not surprising that wireless charging has come in the auto world. However, no one commercially produces such innovative avtogazeta. Everything is only in the form of concepts and some ugly prototypes.


But the company BMW has decided, apparently, to stake his name as the first company which has started mass production of wireless devices for charging of electric cars.

So, BMW has developed a device that allows owners of electric cars to forget about wires, which had to pull out of his garage or apartment Windows. Now need to purchase a wireless ‘ which is capable of charging an electric car without a single wire.


However, these wireless charging while it is impossible to buy, as they will only be available on special electric charging stations, which soon will be deployed in USA as a pilot program. What will come out eventually, time will tell.


Technology: the Engine of the Nissan and Infiniti VC-Turbo

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

When someone ordinary motorists, unfamiliar with the detailed device engine begins to explain how a new, modern Nissan engine with a variable compression ratio, many people are kinda starting to blur the brain. But the fact remains – this technology came into the world. And its authors – the engineers at Nissan who may have to revolutionize the world of engine building. The engine with variable compression is a great achievement in the modern automotive industry.


Currently, these new engines come on the Infiniti QX50 and the Nissan Altima (Teana).

Recall that a new innovative Nissan motors can change the compression on the fly. That is, during the combustion cycle. The system automatically selects the correct ratio of compression to effectively control fuel consumption (e.g., when the driver presses the gas pedal, idling). But when the driver’s foot touches the gas pedal, the throttle system, the system immediately transmits a signal for changing the compression ratio in the engine. The motor gets a higher ratio of compression to give the car power.



This system needs no external control. That is, everything works without the driver automatically.

Thanks to that motor vehicle owners can obtain an effective fuel economy without losing horsepower and torque of the engine, which was previously impossible. It is always in internal combustion engines it was necessary to sacrifice something. More power – greater fuel consumption. Small fuel consumption, small power.

In the near future Nissan and Infiniti plan to put new engines with variable compression ratio on other models. Including less expensive.


Technology: Subaru Forester DriverFocus

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

In recent years, the automotive industry is developing semi-Autonomous control technology, which helps the driver on the road and increase safety while driving. But new technology from Subaru which is called DriverFocus, making the most of semi-Autonomous systems obsolete, as the steps are much further forward.


Unlike most systems which use a sensor located in the steering wheel, waiting for the actions of the driver, as soon as he got behind the wheel, this sensor monitors the adequacy of the movements of the steering wheel.

Technology DriverFocus uses a technology of infrared face recognition. System monitors the driver’s face to see whether you are distracted from the road, or watching that you don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Once the system sees that you are not focused on driving, she gives a loud audible and visual warning.


Additionally, the system DriverFocus works with the EyeSight system, which is responsible in the car for emergency braking in case of danger. If the car found that the driver was distracted from the road or fell asleep, then immediately activated the emergency braking system (at first there is a preliminary increase in pressure in the brake system).


Including the machine can identify the face of different drivers, including for personal user settings. This means that if your machine sit behind the wheel of different drivers, you no longer have to constantly re-tune the radio, adjust the lighting of the instrument panel, seat settings and set the desired mode of movement.

That is, when you after another driver got into the driver’s seat, all your personal settings will be restored automatically, after the car identificeret you.

It is worth noting that the Subaru system is able to recognize up to 5 drivers. This means that your entire family will receive an individual vehicle settings and, of course, extra safety.

At the moment the system is installed in a new Subaru Forester.


Technology: Supercruise Cadillac


Super Cruise is the most perfect semi-Autonomous assistant of the second level on the planet. And it is not there in the form of an unrealistic prototype. This system is already available on the production car of the Cadillac CT6.


Using a camera facing the driver, and information about the road map with digital display with satellite navigation, this technology allows the driver to completely remove his hands while driving with the steering wheel. How so? Because of such Autonomous systems have already said quite a lot. The same autopilot is in the innovative Tesla electric cars.


Yes, that’s right. But according to the Tesla cars when using the autopilot, the automaker is strictly prohibited to remove hands from the steering wheel. For example, in the Tesla Model S, the automaker warns the driver that at least one arm when the autopilot was on the steering wheel. To Cadillac CT6 permitted to remove your hands from the steering wheel completely. Feel the difference? This is the autonomy of the second level.

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018 

Moreover, this Autonomous system from the Cadillac may, without the driver bring the vehicle to a complete stop and upon your request to perform the change of lane, in contrast to the Tesla cars, you choose automatic lane for traffic.

However, do not forget that the second level of autonomy does not mean that the world created serial full autopilot that can do completely without driver intervention.


The driver in the car with Super Cruise is, of course, a driver. Therefore, even if the driver released the steering wheel and leave the driving electronics, it is still required to follow the road and be very careful and if necessary should be ready to take control. In order for the drivers not be tempted to turn himself into the driver’s seat to the passenger in the car is a camera that constantly checks whether the driver is looking ahead, controlling the road. If the system will notice that the driver stopped paying attention to the road, the autopilot will turn off, notifying the driver. If the driver in this case will not take the control, the machine will automatically stop, pull over.


This system for the Cadillac CT6 is available as an extra option and costs US $ 5,000. Yes, it is very expensive for one of the electronic options. But if you do a lot of touring, you will appreciate this technology. At the moment the system Supercruise available only on the Cadillac CT6. But soon, General Motors plans to extend it to other models (closer to 2020).


Technology: New infotainment multimedia system with MBUX from Mercedes

The 10 best innovations in the field of vehicles and technologies in 2018

This year, multimedia entertainment system, Mercedes-Benz has received a great revolutionary update. Very soon this system will be represented throughout the model lineup of the German brand. Well, as long as it is only available on new generation A-class.

Premier system MBUX from Mercedes was somehow unnoticed. But in fact, this system is a huge leap forward among in-vehicle infotainment systems in the automotive industry.


The multimedia system of Mercedes-MBUX consists of two giant LCD-high-resolution displays. If you don’t like to use the system using the touch screen, the Germans have provided a touch controller on the center console.

In the end, the new system Mercedes-MBUX is more intuitive for most people.



Including the new system recognizes voice commands, as do modern smartphones. Everything works just, like Apple’s Siri. Just say, “Hey Mercedes” and the car will answer you. Also the system is integrated with the global web of the Internet. So using voice commands while driving ask the car to find any information online. For example, you can ask the machine to show the weather forecast. Including Mercedes-MBUX is equipped with a convenient and intuitive voice prompts with which to control the infotainment system.


As our modern smartphones and new computers, the system MBUX learns over time, becoming for the driver and passengers more useful. That is, the more you use it, the better it helps you.

It is noteworthy that Mercedes decided to release their own infotainment system instead of the traditional licensing other third-party product company.



Also it is surprising that this innovative multimedia system debuts on the A-class next-generation and not, say, on an expensive luxurious S-class. But it is, apparently, a deliberate move. After all, the A-class cars not as expensive compared to the S-class. This means that more people will be able to find out what the new system MBUX from Mercedes.