That’s why the Start-Stop system saves fuel

Automatic Start-Stop technology that saves more fuel than you think

That's why the Start-Stop system saves fuel

You might think that the Start-Stop system is just annoying and pointless nonsense. In fact, it is believed that it is not.


EN masse, the technology of automatic shutdown and restart of the engine appeared on the cars a few years ago, but people, for the first time faced with this type of system instantly formed a definite opinion about the appropriateness of its use. Many such a model forced the permanent shutdown of the engine during the slow movement in traffic and standing at traffic lights is not only annoying, but scary. What about poor motor, starter, electric car and its battery? It is unlikely that such a ragged mode of operation useful mechanical body of the machine.


Indeed, there are a great many arguments against the use of innovative technologies. Some owners who are not too lazy to dig in the Talmud-the instructions for their modern “iron horses” find ways to disable it, the other part goes to the service stations, where Intrusive technology safely turned off.


Several years ago we covered the issue on the pages of our online edition 1GAI.RU. To be honest, because we are inclined to think that the technology is likely to affect the operation of the vehicle, and the savings from it tends to minuscule, reviews rather critical. However, I hope you can learn from them interesting facts, which you did not know about the so-called technology “Start-Stop”:

Why it is better to avoid the use of Start-Stop system?

Technology “stop-start”: long-term impact on the car engine


With our observations solidarity the majority of readers. The results of voting of users of the system:

That's why the Start-Stop system saves fuel


Some users in the comments suggesting that the whole idea of manufacturers with the filing of the marketing and Finance departments primarily aimed at pulling money from the wallets of motorists. And this too has a grain of truth – damage starter on vehicles equipped with the system of a stop of engines. Accurate statistics “train” talking that the guilty in this newfangled technology there, but they look such failure is suspicious. But the starter on any premium or near premium car will cost a round sum, and to whom you will pay for it? Correctly, the company that made this same model. For all the savings on fuel is safely over.


However in this case it is worth noting that known personally to us, the cases of failure of system elements were only on cars older than 5 years. Let me know in the comments if you encountered such failures in the earlier stages of operation.


But there are diametrically opposite car owners. It is based on several aspects:




This group of motorists perceive technology as a benefit and does not intend to refuse from its use under any circumstances. In this vein, we decided to make a note that you are currently reading. Especially found competent in certain circles, the opinion of one American engineer:


To understand what is happening on the video turn on subtitles on Russian language


The video explains how you can save fuel (in theory) using the Start-Stop system.


We won’t retell the movie, we will just mention the main points and the conclusion.

That's why the Start-Stop system saves fuel


As for the economy

Most people think that the amount of fuel saved by the system Start-Stop is negligible, but in fact the fuel burnt at idle when stopping quickly develops into large numbers. A study conducted by society of civil engineers-transport “Society of automotive engineers”, showed that the use of technology can improve the fuel economy of the vehicle by more than eight per cent in heavy traffic. Perhaps such savings are not so convincing, but eventually, it will lead to tens or hundreds of liters of fuel saved.

Regarding breakdowns

If you are worried that the system start-stop creates an additional load on the starter that the argument that the American engineer is that the car manufacturers have taken this into account, correspondingly improving the reliability of the installed electric starters.


Overall, this was a diametrically opposite opinion on the use of technology Start / Stop. Check out the video for details.