That’s why soon, drivers will enjoy a flurry of fines

By 2024, cameras on the roads of the country will be twice more

That's why soon, drivers will enjoy a flurry of fines

Drivers accustomed to the cameras photos and video recording violations on the roads. Used even get fines from these complexes. “Letters of happiness” are scattered all over the country, and now the penalty for speeding can be obtained even in a remote province, not to mention the big cities, where the practice of “catching” offenders for travel into the forbidden lane to the intersection with the congestion and other traffic violations. All this happens with the help of automatic cameras.


The authorities are well aware that an effective measure and it automatically solves several problems: reduces the accident rate, disciplinarum drivers and what really must admit – to replenish the budget. And what could happen if the initiative has established itself? Of course, you need to develop it. Regarding the complexes of fixing of violations already developed a working version of the national project “Safe and quality roads,” which was sent to the regions.


That's why soon, drivers will enjoy a flurry of fines

According to the model of development until 2024 the number of cameras on country roads will increase exactly twice. That is, instead of more than 9 thousand complexes that work now in the country will be set of different-sized cameras up to 20 thousand copies.


But interestingly, plans to not just make more “traps” on the roads, provides a whole range of works on the most productive work systems. There is an assumption that productive in the first place to replenish local budgets. In other words, the Ministry of transport “plans to change the location of the cameras and to write a technique on how to do it right” (in some regions already, from time to time complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey moving to new places, and old — put a dummy), according to the newspaper Izvestia.


It is also worth noting that in parallel with the increase in the number of cameras, by 2019, we will have developed methodology of “dynamic redistribution of placements” complexes. We are talking about manuals for operation of the mobile camera systems.


That's why soon, drivers will enjoy a flurry of fines

Thus, in published in the media plans of the Ministry of transport includes the following figures:

By the end of 2019 the number of cameras of video fixing of infringements of traffic regulations will be greater than 11%;

By 2020, 9 million of the complexes is added to 33%

In 2022 plus 60%;

In 2023 growth will be 88%

In 2024 cameras will be more two times, that is about 19 – 20 thousand


Instead of a conclusion

That's why soon, drivers will enjoy a flurry of fines

The increase within a few years the number of cameras on the roads will lead to a sharp increase in collection of fines for traffic violations.


Moreover, it is hardly possible to exclude that the cameras in some regions, the budget of which is largely tied to the amount of collected penalties will be set in a kind of trap (say, without the use of the sign “photo, video”, which should be in front of every camera, otherwise, an administrative fine will be discharged illegally) in order to most effectively penalize motorists who violate traffic rules. In addition, in the regions the cameras are often installed within the framework of concession agreements with companies receiving a percentage of fines, is unlikely to want to reduce the last.


In conclusion we can say that the government has finally come up with a never-ending source of replenishment of local budgets. So vehicle tax today is nothing compared to the huge revenues coming from the cameras of the traffic police, which in five or six years to grow at least twice. Well at least the cameras do reduce accidents, practicing their own bread not only profits but also reducing mortality.


We also recall that by the decree of Vladimir Putin on reducing deaths on the nation’s roads by 2030 (ideally to zero), in 2024 road deaths should be reduced to 4 cases per 100,000 people (right now, for every 100 thousand killed 13 people). Coincidence or not, but as you can see, its peak the cameras achieved in the same 24-year. Perhaps the authorities are making a considerable bet on distsiplinirovanny drivers using “sight guards”, although we must pay tribute that the roads and their infrastructure every year is only getting better. See where all this will lead in 2030. Can the state manage to defeat in the undeclared war road…