That’s why it’s important not to be distracted behind the wheel, even when you stopped the car

The driver forgot to put the Lexus ES on a “Parking lot” and the car went out of control

That's why it's important not to be distracted behind the wheel, even when you stopped the car

We live in an era when distractions are everywhere, including behind the wheel. Mean, the circumstances that distract from driving in particular, and not just distraction in General.


Get at least the same smartphone that always with you. According to experts from the security, the telephone is the most serious distracting factor. Someone called, sent SMS, received the notification from the application, social networks are not asleep, we are constantly in smartphones. Alas, this happens a lot of accidents, even in cases where seemingly nothing dangerous can happen.


Something similar happened with the driver of the expensive sedan Lexus ES. Look what happened:



As can be seen, after stopping a woman for some time sitting behind the wheel and doing something. We certainly can’t claim that she was torn from reality, his smartphone, and was not engaged, for example, verification of purchased products on the list or not remembered, turned off the electrical iron in the house, but most likely the option with the phone is the most logical in our electronic age.


What happened next, well illustrated by a video filmed by a surveillance camera. The output of the ladies from the car, the foot releases the brake pedal, but the transmission remains in the “Drive”, come on. This second sedan turns into a loose cannon that starts the descent on the shortest straight line down to the road. Well at least no one knocked!


In General, another proof that driving in any case can not be distracted. Neither the smartphone or, preferably, on anything else. Otherwise, the consequences will be quite a disastrous.