That’s why in the guests ‘ pockets in the yards you can’t Park

For Parking in the guest pockets face fines: Explanation of the Supreme court.

That's why in the guests ' pockets in the yards you can't Park

You Park outside his house in the guest Parking bays? Did you know that it provides for administrative liability? Surprised? Then here’s the details of the court case which was recently considered by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, issued in the next strange decision.


So, the Supreme court received the case at the suit of one of the residents of apartment buildings, which are not arranged directly under his apartment window near the guest house offers pockets for Parking. According to him, the developer who equipped an pocket, broke a number of sanitary rules and norms stipulated by the current legislation.


However, in all the courts of this troubled resident of the apartment building was refused in satisfaction of the claim. However, the Supreme court decided the case, though not in favor of the plaintiff, but explained why the residents of apartment buildings do not leave their cars in the guest pockets.


Judicial Board of the Supreme court, explained that the guest pockets the car can be parked only for a short time. Those who leaves the car in the guests ‘ pockets for a long time violate existing Sanitary rules.


Accordingly, residents of apartment buildings, Parking their cars in the guest Parking bays, can be brought to administrative responsibility in the form of fines under two articles of the administrative code: article 6.3 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation – a fine of from 100 to 500 rubles and article 6.4 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation – a fine of 500 to 1,000 rubles.


In the end it is the decision of the Supreme court puts Parking in the guest pockets outside the law. I wonder what to do to motorists who have in the yard except the guest pockets have no other places to Park?

Yes, we of course we understand that this does not apply to the Supreme court. But still worth to take into account the fact that many homes in Russia do not places for legal Parking. And then we wonder why so many drivers Park on the sidewalks near the entrance and on the lawns. Maybe it’s time for the authorities to think about how to improve a Parking space near the houses?

Reference: What is a guest pocket in the yard?


The area near the house, intended for the temporary Parking of guests. Accordingly, guest Parking can not, in principle, according to the panel of judges of the Supreme court, used by the inhabitants of the houses. Especially if guest Parking may violate the Sanitary rules.