That’s what the sound of Concorde when crossing the sound barrier

Here’s how the “Concord” crossed the sound barrier

That's what the sound of Concorde when crossing the sound barrier

“Concorde”, “Concorde” in the original spelling – the only one left in the early twenty-first supersonic passenger jet. Yes, he, as well as a variety of jet attack aircraft, fighter-interceptors and bombers of type TU-22M3 could develop a speed exceeding the speed of sound.


It is this feature that eventually led to the end of the history surprisignly a series of planes and not crash at Paris in 2000, as many believe. He was too greedy, put too small number of passengers, and the routes on which was laid the flight route was extremely limited. And you know why? Because of the very powerful cotton in passing through the sound barrier.


That's what the sound of Concorde when crossing the sound barrier

Using its four afterburning jet engine (Yes, there was used the same as fast and furious military fighter or bomber), he could comfortably fly at speeds over Mach 2 (more than 2.100 km/h), at the altitude of about 18 km above sea level.


Yes, this extremely fast method of transportation was great for passengers flying from new York to London or return. 3 hours and the Atlantic has been bridged. In a conventional plane this way takes twice as long – about 6-7 hours. But in addition to all the other above-mentioned unpleasant phenomena, supersonic airliner had one more thing – extremely loud sonic booms – multiple shockwaves generated behind him, at the moment of crossing the sound barrier.


How Concord passed this barrier, few have heard, given that the international rules of flights of aircraft of this class were obliged to navigate only over the waters of the Atlantic and other oceans, depending on what route followed by ships, to the time of the transition to supersonic was not heard by anyone on earth.


The only chance to capture the cotton on the video to be on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. For example, these people (mute the sound in the headphones or speakers before you watch the video, the plane was really loud):


Very interesting, boom!

And here is how the barrier is overcome and other aircraft: