That’s what could be the next “Unity” from BMW

BMW 1 Series: new look, new platform – everything is new

That's what could be the next

The current generation BMW 1-Series (F20 / F21), which in our area is amicably called the “unity” went on sale back in 2011. In the opinion of many motorists it was a strange-eyed duck. Even if the relative availability in 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively, compared to the other models in the lineup of BMW, few were eager to acquire the Bavarian hatchback.


In 2015, occurred a great transformation – ugly duckling became a very personal Swan. From the huge front of the eyepieces left over. Exterior lines have become sharper and clearer, the model began to look sportier and adopted the traits of the older models. But this was only the beginning. BMW seeks to break the old paradigm, to make a “Penny” more accessible and more technologically advanced. Services for passengers on the new platform should also improve. Therefore, the next generation, which, according to the eternal laws of the industry should be updated within the next year is a totally different level, earlier for the Bavarians achieved.


Here’s a rendering photo that shows how it will be possible to look new in a new role:

That's what could be the next


Will also speculate on improvements and additions to the model.


Appearance 2019 BMW 1-Series

The grille has the typical BMW form. According to the fashion of the last time “nostril” air intakes is wider and lattices inside, are likely to be painted in a chrome like bezel.


Since we render the picture is not entirely clear what will spotlight next-generation models, as the lights were much disguised in spy shots. Therefore, what we see before us now rather be called a wave interpretation. In other matters, whatever it was, led elements from now on will get a new hexagonal shape.


That's what could be the next

Photograph taken by specialists of photoshop reflects the sporty version of the model with the package M Sport. For this reason, the front bumper is so speckled with large air intakes. External rear view mirrors wrapped in carbon fiber. Large wheels – black, lend a gloss.


Note that the distance between the front wheel arches and the edge of the front door is now less than before. Characteristic line curves on the side surface side passes through the door handle just as well as on the model of the current generation. The lower swage line on the side – wide band with inspiration. The average strut painted in high-gloss black color – a legacy transferred from the more expensive models of the business class.


Technical data “Ones” BMW

From a technical point of view in the next generation, there have been many changes.


First of all, and most importantly – rear actuator replaced on the front. The new model is built on the UKL platform, just like the model 2-Series Active / Gran Tourer, the X1 and the Mini Countryman.


That's what could be the next

As for engines, the new CD from Munich, probably, will receive only three – and four-cylinder units. The most powerful four-cylinder petrol engine from Bavaria now has 258 HP, he’d be an excellent candidate for model 130i. In addition, there are rumors of a 300-horsepower four-cylinder engine being developed for the crossover X2, but it can also be placed in the 135i. But the six-cylinder engine (as in the current M140i), alas, is not compatible with the platform UKL.

Plug-in hybrid will also appear in the lineup. But replacing the 340-strong six-cylinder motor capacity, he will not. Plug-in hybrid is simply a more economical option. No more. Hybrid technology 224-power (estimated power) is likely to be taken from the model 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance. In addition, there are rumors of “mild hybrid system” for the 1-series and replace the torque Converter automatic transmission with double clutch.


What will happen to the interior of the 1-Series?

It is expected that the company will get a digital instrument panel. This happens with high probability, since all major competitors have already switched to the new display technology: the Audi A3 presents the “Virtual Cockpit”, the VW Golf is set “Active Info Display”, and the new A-Class has got a widescreen display MBUX.


That's what could be the next

In the rear, the new 1-Series should offer more places than ever before. However, despite the transition to front-wheel drive platform one forever under the feet of the blending element is not going anywhere – we are talking about the center tunnel. After all, the all-wheel drive xDrive package is not going anywhere, Kardan needs somewhere to lay.


That's what could be the next

As for the trunk – it should also become more (in the current model it has a volume ranging from 360 to 1,200 liters). In terms of interior volume front-wheel-drive layout here needs to work a miracle.


Home sales, price

It is too early to say when the BMW 1-Series new generation will appear on the Russian market. Most likely it will happen later or at the same time most European countries. But the wait is worth it.

That's what could be the next

How will change prices and will in General also early to say. Find out about it later, when the model officially offered in the sale on the territory of Russia. Now the initial version of the model “118i” with a gasoline 1.5-liter 136-horsepower engine is from 1.550.000 rubles. The maximum version of the BMW xDrive M140i will cost unmerciful 2.850.000 rubles.

That's what could be the next