That’s what causes the inattention behind the wheel

Mercedes driver caused the accident.

That's what causes the inattention behind the wheel 

According to statistics most accidents happen because of traffic violations. Most people violate traffic rules because of his carelessness. Here’s a typical example of how inconsiderate the driver was provoked on the road road accident in which the driver and passengers of the Audi A6 could be seriously affected.


Although this crash happened because both cars. Including the driver of the Audi A6, which apparently was going too fast, just do not have time to stop when the driver of the Mercedes C-class, began to rebuild without looking in the rear view mirror.

But if the Audi A6 was driving at a normal speed, then the accident likely could have been avoided.


This accident happened somewhere in Belarus. Unfortunately, we do not have detailed information about this accident. For example we have no data that eventually happened to the driver of the Audi A6 and its passengers.

I hope that when the Audi A6 was off on the sidewalk, nobody was. In the video, at least pedestrians can’t be seen. Otherwise, the consequences of the accident was more deplorable.


And here is another an example of how the violation of traffic regulations lead to unpredictable consequences. View another accident that occurred at one of the crossroads in Minsk, which resulted in one car after the collision literally dived for the stairs, running in the Minsk subway.


In this accident faced Lada Vesta and Mazda. In an accident to blame the driver of the Mazda, which drove into the intersection, violating traffic rules.

In this accident also amazingly no one was hurt. Including lucky due to the late hour, the stairs in the subway no one came. Otherwise, the consequences of the accident were dire.