That’s what cars can quickly rot: List and review

What cars can quickly rust.

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

The fact that 15 – or 20-year-old cars have rust, one is not particularly surprising, but when corrosion attacks the fresh car, several years old, it already in any gate not climbing. But, alas, even in the 21st century, in an era of high technology in the market a lot of modern cars that is prone to rapid rusting. We present to you the vehicle in which the risk of this problem is very high.


Just note that rust rust strife. And not every car presented here, rotting away in equal measure. After all, corrosion is influenced by many factors (operating conditions, region of use, car care, the number of reactants on the road, etc.). However, all cars have different resistance to corrosion.

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review

For example, some cars have corrosion problems certain structural elements. Others are subject to rapid corrosion from the bottom. Unfortunately, corrosion will sooner or later get to any car. It is only a matter of time. And this allotted time each machine their own. The worst is when the rust begins to threaten the safety of the vehicle.


It is unacceptable that for cars manufactured a few years ago, had problems leading to security risk driving. But, surprisingly, in the market there are cars, despite the technology of the 21st century. Why is this happening? The models seen in premature corrosion? In General, looking ahead, say that most fresh cars rust because of … the desire to save money.


We are talking about saving the automaker. From the point of view of an accountant, enough to make a thin layer of protection for two selected body parts, and saving the production cost will be very large, but apparently the first time is transparent to the client.

Yes, it is possible that such savings will even lead to claims of some customers, especially in those countries where the winter roads are treated with salt or harmful deicing means, but the cost of a car company to warranty repair in any case be lower than the potential extra profit.

Plus if you want to save even more money in the production of cars, let the lawyers to develop the correct warranty agreement where they will register, what is the factory warranty on corrosion is not applicable in the case of rust in the impact of the body parts of chemicals, including salt and de-icing agents. Yes, it is, of course, an example of greed and arrogance of the automaker. But the worst thing is that it’s just what some car companies.

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

For any automaker these savings to the detriment of consumers, of course, fraught with reputational losses. And here the main thing – do not overdo it as it made the Mercedes with his once-popular car E-class W210 body, which has criticized the who could a problem with corrosion. Moreover, the plume from the scandal of the rotting fresh enough cars W210, reaching for a company until now. It is unlikely, of course, this car brand has apparently deliberately savings in the production of E-class, which has led to problem with rapid corrosion of body components.

Most likely, there were miscalculations of designers. It is often the cause of the rapid corrosion of the cars are the errors as in the design phase of the car, and at the stage of its production. For example, when errors in the design of the car in some places may be excess water. Or because of miscalculations in the design process, some elements of the body received the wrong drainage. But, as we know, water is the main enemy of iron. Naturally, with such miscalculations in the car appears the problem spots where rust will form very quickly. And similar examples, history is replete with Autoworld.


With regards to errors on the production line, it is also not uncommon in the industry. For example, in the production process of the vehicle body can be properly prepared before painting. Or there can be defects found in the quality of the painting. So on light there are poorly painted body parts. For example, recently many owners of Hyundai crossovers Creta complained about the rust on the bodywork of new cars.

Of course, this miscalculation automaker in the production process. Or numerous complaints from owners of SUV UAZ Patriot, which is subject to corrosion even in the first years of operation. Here, of course, clearly there are errors not only in the production phase, but also design. Hope that this issue is not related to conscious saving the auto companies to reduce the cost of production. I would like to believe that the Russian company cares about its customers and about its name.

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

I would like to say about the problems of the modern automotive industry. Have you noticed how much easier modern cars have become compared to their predecessors? As you know, the world has long been a noticeable trend to reduce the weight of vehicles by reducing the weight of automotive components. Not escaped this fate and bodywork of modern vehicles. The metal becomes thinner, the metal parts replaced by plastic elements. Also in the present time, manufacturers began to use water-based varnishes, gradually reducing the thickness of their layer on the body. This naturally does not lead to anything good.


In the end, the thinner the layer of varnish, the easier the machine can receive mechanical damage (for example, a stone hit the wing of the car), resulting in this place can begin to form rust. Unfortunately, the corrosion caused by a stone hitting the bodywork element, as a rule, does not fall under warranty repair.

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Often the cause of early corrosion of modern cars is the inadequate protection of vehicles during Maritime transport. Multi-week sea journey on a freighter may have an impact on the vehicle, as penetrating the sea salt can affect the original protection of the body from rust. Unfortunately, the consequences of this Maritime transport will become visible to the naked eye only a few years. This applies primarily to cars from Japan, although, as experience shows, not all cars from Japan are transported by sea. Also, not all cars from Japan have poor protection of sea salt.


Now let’s take a closer look at what modern cars are most susceptible to rapid formation of rust. Please note that our list is not all vehicles. In fact on the market many cars with the risk of rapid corrosion. We chose the most iconic.


Mazda 6 II

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

The “six” first generation already was (and is!) huge problems with corrosion. We are surprised that Mazda did not do the work on the bugs and the second version of the Mazda 6 has the same problem. The rust usually first in the form of spots appearing on the rear fenders and then the front edges of the doors and roof.

It so happens that the manufacturer doesn’t want to repair cars under warranty and said that, for example, rust formed in the chips obtained with the road stones. Also we have information that at the stage of sales, some dealers offered buyers of new cars an additional anti-corrosion protection of the body.

Here are the places most frequently encountered with the corrosion of the owners of Mazda 6:

1. The hind wings usually in this place appears the first ore RAID. This is due to the fact that the wheel arch rubs on the body part and injures her. Then the water does the rest.

2. Front wings – in this case, the corrosion attack of the wing merging with the threshold. Damage caused by external factors.

3. Roof – small stones, pebbles hitting the paint too thin body cause pinholes. Then the water that reacts with the metal, causing rust.


Mazda 3

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Unfortunately, Mazda is not the only with such problems. A similar problem with rust noted, for example, in the “Troika”, as well as in other models of the Japanese manufacturer.


Renaut Logan

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Renaut Logan budget car. That is why the manufacturer for production models used a vintage technique Renault in order to reduce the cost of cars. Unfortunately, Renaut insufficiently defended the model against corrosion.

On the one hand, and what you want from a cheap car? After all, if you notice rust in time, we can fix it. Or at least do anti-corrosion treatment of the body after the purchase of a new car. But when it comes to a car that doesn’t cost much, the cost of body repairs will scare any car owner of this car. So clearly the problems with corrosion in this model is negative.

In these places most often found corrosion:

1. Suspension – in extreme cases it can be dangerous, because, for example, rust can even rear shocks.

2. The body – usually the first place rust around the filler neck under the gas cap and gutter under the rubber seals of the body.

3. Hood space – is one of the most difficult to repair. In some cases, to stop the rust under the hood will have to hang the engine.


Renaut Duster

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Other models of the French manufacturer also have problems with inadequate corrosion protection, for example in the Duster can quickly rust the wings.


Ford S-Max I

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Lately, Ford has improved not only the safety of their models, but also corrosion protection. After a very problematic Ford Escort and Ford Focus I it’s time for the best, though not perfectly protected vehicles (for example, corrosion protection Ford Focus III was much better). Among the latest models highlighted S-Max, which has primarily problems with the mount body.

At the moment they are not widespread, but increasingly we are getting signals of corrosion in this model. An interesting fact is that this also affects the latest cars that recently received a facelift.

In these places most often found corrosion:

1. The roof is an issue for the samples produced after restyling (since 2011); too weak zinc also leads to the formation of corrosion on the roof.

2. Under the door seals – at this point you may also see the corrosion in dorestaylingovyh and restyled cars.

3. Suspension – the problem is not as great as in the case of the above-mentioned elements of the body, but before buying this model I suggest you look at the car from below.


Suzuki Grand Vitara

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Chassis, chassis and chassis … again! As it turns out, corrosion causes damage only under the bottom of the Grand Vitary. Also, this concerns mainly the samples of the first years of production. By the way, note that the problem with rust is not only this model Suzuki.

For example, poorly protected from rust model SX4 (and its twin Fiat Sedici produced in the same European factory). Also similar problems have the Suzuki Jimny. But it is worth noting that, despite the problems under the body, still there were massive complaints and reviews about corrosion problems of the body.

In these places most often found corrosion:

1. Floor – rust primarily attacks the place. This problem was observed mainly in cars in the beginning of the production.

2. The auxiliary beam – corrosion of this part does not affect security, but may cause problems with the weakening of the bolts used for suspension adjustment. Rust also spreads throughout the exhaust system. In cars with frame also observed a rapid corrosion.


Mitsubishi L200

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

The Mitsubishi L200 pick-up – a bold vehicle for hard work. Unfortunately, corrosion problems are quite common here, almost on the agenda. While rusty paint on the trim body will not be particularly dangerous from the point of view of driving, corrosion, acting on the frame, can become a security issue in the future.

In these places there is usually corrosion:

1. Frame – the pores of the rust for several years on the L200 does not pose a threat to security, but over time, the corrosion of the frame will continue and may be dangerous.

2. Cargo compartment panel of the car body are not sufficiently protected from weather conditions.

3. Body parts – rusty coating also appears on the external elements of the body. Usually corrosion of first strikes the hood.


Mitsubishi ASX

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

L200 is not the only model of the Mitsubishi corrosion, this also happens with the ASX crossover.


The Hyundai i30 I

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Judging by the owner reviews of Hyundai i30, this car is really susceptible to rapid corrosion. The most rust-prone cars, which were produced at the beginning of the production. We are talking about cars from 2010 or 2011 release.

In these places there is usually corrosion:

1. Trunk lid – rust usually appears around the 3rd brake light, and the edges of the flap and next to the plate.

2. Doors – front and rear – corrosion often formed under the pads and compounds. Also rust can be found at the bottom of doors, around the edges.

3. Sills and chassis – in addition to the rust appearing on the sills and closed profiles, it also appears on the chassis components.


Hyundai Creta

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

The popular in our country crossover Hyundai Creta, which even in the first year may be signs of rust on the joints of the body elements. Especially where water often collects. It should be noted that this problem concerns mainly the early cars (which were made mostly at the beginning of the start of serial production).

At the moment from the owners of today’s crossovers (recently bought) mass of complaints did not arrive yet. We believe that Hyundai has solved this problem.


Kia CEE’d I

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

The CEE’d is the first generation not particularly resistant to corrosion. As in the case with the i30 (these cars have a common platform), the rust appears most quickly on the back door, around the third stoplight, at the intersection of sheet metal and the door seals.

But unlike the Hyundai i30 on the market today there are a lot of Kia CEE’d, which peels off the paint (defective paint). In addition to the Kia CEE’d is the first generation, the same problems exist in the Kia Soul, which was made at the beginning of the production.

Here comes the rust:

1. Chassis – poor protection of closed profiles, the susceptibility of chassis rust. Corrosion most often affects the joint, as well as mounting points.

2. The tailgate is one of the most sensitive parts of the body Kia CEE’d when it comes to corrosion. The rust appears around the third brake, the edges (bottom). Sometimes the corrosion appears on the connection of body panels from the windshield. There are cases of rust on the doors.


Skoda Superb

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Corrosion problems also affected Skoda Superb first generation. This applies to cars manufactured up to August 2006, i.e. before the restyling. In these machines, you can expect to see traces of rust on the trunk lid (near the license plate), the edges of the doors or body pillars.

Note also the cars 2004 release! Skoda Superb from this period struggled with defective varnish – very quickly there were “blisters”. Yes, Skoda has covered this problem under warranty and the car was repainted, but it’s worth knowing.

Here comes the rust:

1. The tailgate is a typical place where there is rust. You will often find her in the fixing plate, and the edges of the tailgate.

2. Pillars-pillars – mainly rust appearing on the front body pillars. Manifests itself in small bubbles, which become more and more.

3. Doors – during the examination of the first generation Skoda Superb, we also advise you to check the edges of doors, there are also often detected by the rust.


Volkswagen Passat B6

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Passat B6 are subject to rapid corrosion? Unfortunately, Yes, because of some design errors. Note, however, that this applies mostly to cars that were produced in the early production, up to 2007. The typical location of the rust are the front wings and the rear door.

These places are normally found rust:

1. Front wings at the very beginning of production the company Volkswagen produced cars with failures in the design of the fenders adjacent to the wheel arches, where the accumulated water, causing corrosion.

2. Trunk lid – manufacturer improperly designed the doorway of the trunk. In the end, near the lamp there is a rust.

3. Edge of the door – this place also arise rosy efflorescence, often in the lower part of the door where water and salt.


Volkswagen Golf V and VI

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

In addition, the Passat is not the only Volkswagen with corrosion problems, we heard about a spot of rust in the Golf V and VI (e.g., thresholds) and Touran (rear of machine).


Nissan Navara

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Nissan Navara D40 is one of the most susceptible to corrosion of the cars in our list. The problem mainly concerns vehicles produced between 2005 and 2007 in Spanish car plant. In their case, road salt has a devastating impact on load-bearing elements, primarily on the frame, which in the future can endanger the driving safety.


The Nissan Navara also is being eroded body owners point to several critical points (e.g. on the roof). Yes, the manufacturer provides 12-year warranty on through-body corrosion, but it requires owners annual inspections of the state of the body at dealerships. In addition, experience shows that the importer is not always feels guilty and is in no hurry to fix rusty body parts. Yes, of course, the Navara is not the only SUV-pickup, with corrosion problems, but he is one of the most susceptible to its effects.


These places are normally found rust:

1. Frame and suspension – the most rusty items can be found under the Nissan Navara. Corrosion affects not only the frame of the car, but also suspension, brakes, transmission, and almost the entire exhaust system. This is a serious problem!

2. The roof above the windshield – a Nissan Navar have the same ailments. Corrosion appears not only above the glass, but in place of the mounting rails of the roof. This is a widespread problem, but at the moment not too serious. And what will happen in a few years?


UAZ Patriot

That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

It would seem that about this SUV enough has been said. Perhaps the fact that this car has problems with corrosion, should not surprise anyone. It’s the same car, with classic their problems. But wait, it’s not prehistoric “Loaf”, produced so far for antediluvian technology, which and cost little!

We are talking about a car whose top-end configuration will cost you over 1 million rubles! And when the car is at such a high price starts to bloom before our eyes in a couple years of ownership, then the nerves can not stand even among the zealous patriots of the domestic automobile industry. I hope the automobile of UAZ will be corrected in the coming years.


Although, admittedly, the optimism is. Today it is precisely known that the most susceptible to corrosion early model Patriot. In more recent vehicles, many problems with the body rusting automaker, apparently, is eliminated. However, not all.


These places are normally found rust:


1. The edges of the doors – are particularly susceptible to rapid corrosion of the bottom edge of all doors. There are reports from owners who said that rust on the door appeared after 1-2 years of owning a car.


2. The tailgate is rust near the window frame and in the bottom of the door.


3. Rust chassis.


4. Rust on the bottom.



That's what cars can quickly rot: List and review 

Corrosion? Yes, it happens, although in the vehicles we represent, rust should not be at all – mostly youngish machine! Unfortunately, manufacturers often for the sake of economy, is not enough to protect them from rust. Remember this when you buy one of these machines.