That’s what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly

That’s what functions in the car we are wrong.

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

In a modern car functions has become more than the first satellites launched into space. And every year cars are getting harder and harder. Their processing power has long surpassed the power of computers controlling the flight of “Apollo” on the moon.

Not surprisingly, many drivers don’t remember about the many options and features in modern machines, just like do not realize all the capabilities of modern smartphones. But there is in the machine functions, which, despite what has long been familiar to the drivers used by motorists for other purposes.


What do you think, whether you use rear view mirrors, gear box, handbrake, the function of air recirculation in the cabin and adequately perform braking on the road? It turns out that according to statistics, more than half of the drivers one of the above wrong. Let us now examine each point in more detail.


Rear view mirrors

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

Are you sure that the rear view mirror in your car tuned properly? Did you know that according to statistics a traffic accident, one of the most frequent causes of accidents on the road is a car collision when changing lanes? And the issue here is one of the blind zones formed due to incorrect configuration of mirrors. Yes, of course, it all depends on the type and class of vehicle and its design. Is Autoworld cars with horrible visibility, where to configure properly the mirror is practically impossible. But in most cars to make this still possible.

Unfortunately, many drivers incorrectly adjust the mirror.


The problem is that people think they need the side mirrors to see the edge of his car. For most drivers this is the problem of comfort. For example, many people believe that if the side mirrors they can’t see the rear part of your car, so the mirrors adjusted properly. And much of it is pure psychology. Thus, drivers want to see in the side mirrors, where are the other cars relative to their own machines. Setup mirrors so that they were visible to the rear edge of the car, comforting the driver and makes driving more comfortable.

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

But here’s the thing. If you adjust your mirrors so that the rear edge of your car was visible in the left mirror, but if you tilt your head to the left, or visible in the right mirror, but only when you tilt your head to the right, then when you sit up straight your head is in the normal position, you will be able to see in a side rearview mirror the cars with the standard adjustment is most often found themselves in a blind (invisible) area.


Another cool thing with this adjustable side mirrors. So, if you lean forward a little and look in the rearview mirror, you will see even more. That is, you will narrow blind spots of your car to a minimum. Depending on the type/class/make and model of the car in most cases you will be able to adjust the side mirrors so that you do not need to check availability of cars in your blind spot.

However, please note that this method only works when the machine is in a straight line. With a curved movement, this technique may not work and you still have before you adjust, turn the head to the side to check for vehicles on the side of your car.


Yes, after you set up mirrors so the first few days you will be uncomfortable to drive, but then you get used to the new positioning.


Brakes, or Why we ourselves create tube

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

How do you feel about congestion? What a question, of course, most of us hate traffic, how the dollar in the currencies and how the price tags at the gas station. But did you know that very often the causes of traffic jams lie within us? Yes, we ourselves very often create traffic jams out of the blue.

And such a lot of reasons, ranging from the banal lack of distance and traffic violations and ending disrespect each other on the road, as well as incorrect style of driving. For example, did you know that as you use the brake pedal, depends on the traffic situation on the road?


The brakes in the car play an important role in road safety, but also become the main perpetrators of traffic jams. Drivers often hit their brakes when approaching too close to paradeigma car. Okay when a moving car suddenly started to slow down. But most drivers are guilty, that they have to slow down, as it does not predict in advance the traffic situation, pressing sharply on the brake to increase rapidly decreasing distance from another vehicle.

For example, many of us saw in the distance a stream of cars that slowed down your progress, begin in advance to reduce the rate to align it with headway. In the end we begin to press on the brake pedal, only when it is drive very close to another vehicle. Using the brake pedal to quickly slow down, we are forcing people behind us to do the same and so on. This forms the tube of the blue.


Here is an example of a video that shows the shock wave formed due to improper use of the brakes by many drivers. Unfortunately, the video is not very good, but the phenomenon you will see:



You probably thought time and again behind the wheel, asking the question “Why is this tube came out of nowhere?”. You will not believe the tube can be triggered with just one young driver who cannot normally ride. If they all left around himself a little more space, carefully looked back and forth and not put pressure on the brake pedal for no reason or too late, then, believe me, the traffic situation on the roads would be better.

Unfortunately, we do not see that the traffic situation will change in the near future. Especially it’s hard to believe when people, despite the prohibition in law, were more likely to use the phone while driving, which distracts all drivers and is also the main culprit for the traffic jams on the road.


The air recirculation system in the salon

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

Most people click on this button when in the summer, sit in a hot car. Many drivers leave this feature enabled all the time. This button activates the recirculation of air in the interior of the car. When you enable this feature, the ventilation system closes the outer air intakes and just recycle the existing air inside the cabin of the car.


When people click this button they usually hear more noise from the fan in the ventilation system of the cabin. Many drivers mistakenly believe that this means that their air conditioning system begins to move more air in the cabin and, accordingly, bear the load, to make the air cooler. But in fact just the opposite.


When you press the button air recirculation in the cabin when the air conditioner your car is forced to cool the hot air, which is only inside the cabin. With the running air recirculation the air conditioner not to cool warm air from outside. Nevertheless, the recirculation system, usually will not help you to speed up the cooling time of the hot cabin.

First, when the recirculation flow system ventilation helps displace the hot air from the cabin. Secondly, cutting off the supply of fresh air to the salon, you essentially increase the cooling time of the cabin. Especially if you’re on the move, even in the summer when the air supplied to the cabin, can significantly reduce the temperature in it.


So I advise you to turn on the air recirculation system in the cabin only when the air is fully cooled with air conditioning, but not immediately, as soon as you sit into a hot car that stood for a few hours in the sun.


Attention! Do not use the recirculated air in the cabin too long. As with the air recirculation system in the car you use for breathing the same air, which is not updated portion of fresh air, because in this mode, the oxygen supply from the street is blocked off. In this case, if you will long to go with the mode of recirculation, the CO2 level in the cabin will gradually rise, due to the fact that each time you exhale you emit carbon dioxide. As a result, only in the cabin drops, oxygen concentration and increase the level of carbon dioxide, you start to feel sleepy, which is very dangerous while driving. In this condition you will lose your concentration and ability to react quickly to an emergency situation on the road.


AC power on + Fan included + Defrost included + FULL HEAT (red zone) + EXTERNAL SUPPLY of AIR (not recirculation)

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

On rainy days, we’ve seen how the drivers of luxury sedans costing more than 100 thousand dollars often struggle with moisture accumulating on the opaque glass. It’s amazing how this is possible? Why paying a lot of money for a luxury vehicle, the owner or his driver constantly at war with misting? But the fact is that many car owners or drivers are incorrectly using the system of ventilation of salon. No matter what kind of class is it and how much the car is worth. If it is wrong to use the ventilation system and the functions of the climate control, and 250 thousand dollars machine glass would fog up even in light rain.


Do people who are smart enough to capitalize on a luxury car, don’t know what hot air always holds more water? Do they not know that outside air during rain humidity is almost 100%? But it turns out that I do not know or do not know their highly paid private drivers, once on the road often come across expensive cars with fogged Windows.

It would seem that it is easier to turn on the AC to dry the air in the cabin and to get rid of annoying steamy Windows. But no, many drivers continue to drive with fogged Windows closed (or slightly ajar) with a / C off. Especially in autumn and winter, considering that at this time the air conditioner is in any case impossible. But it’s a long standing myth that turn the air conditioner in cold weather, can incapacitate him.


In fact, to get rid of the formation of moisture on the glass, you need to remove her from the salon. It’s enough to turn on the air conditioner (AC), and the moisture will evaporate from the interior and, accordingly, will not settle on the glass.

Including air conditioning and demisting, and putting the high temperature of the passenger compartment will heat the air and dry it. Excess moisture will leave through the outlet in the passenger compartment (usually near the tail lamp or the inside of the rear bumper, where is the natural low pressure area).


So here’s the formula for setting the ventilation and climate control/air conditioning, if you drive in the rain:


In the rain, keep Windows CLOSED, set the temperature to HIGH HEATING of the cabin, air CONDITIONING incl. (AC), and select the flow of outside air (NOT RECIRCULATION).


Cabin rear view mirror

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

Many drivers know how to drive in the dark. Especially when other cars are blinding bright headlights and driving lights. But the most annoying and hinder pozaviduet cars that their headlights are blinding us through the cabin rear view mirror in our car. Fortunately, many of us in the car is a mirror with auto dimming, which prevents bright glare of light emanating from the headlights pozaviduet machine.

But, unfortunately, not all cars with such high-tech mirror.

Despite this, almost all mirrors (even older machines) allow us to get rid of the bright headlights of cars traveling behind us. It is enough to change the reflection angle of the mirror. Press the plastic button located under the rearview mirror, and the mirror will change the angle of reflection of light. In the end, the glare of headlights reflected in the mirror, creating the effect of the high beam will be dim and will not blind you.


The handbrake

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly 

The handbrake is often called a manual emergency brake of the vehicle. This misleads many drivers that think the brake should only be used in exceptional cases. In the end, many drivers rarely use the handbrake when Parking, putting the car at speed (if the machine is equipped with manual transmission) or leaving the car at the “Park” (automatic transmission) to prevent it from rolling.

But if a car with a manual transmission, in principle, you can leave without damage to the transmission, leave the car with automatic transmission on a Parking is not recommended. Many automatic transmissions are configured so that the mode “Parking” should be used in conjunction with a hand brake. Rarely, but sometimes even in the Parking lot as cars can slide. Especially if the car is on a big slope.

That's what cars are used by many drivers incorrectly

In addition, leaving the car on a Parking, you load an automatic transmission (especially if the machine is on an uneven place). This, of course, will not wear out the automatic transmission for a short time, but nevertheless, nothing good about it.

However, unfortunately, in the winter time to keep the car on the handbrake is not recommended because there is a risk that the car will stick pads hand brake to the brake drums/discs. In this case, in order not to load strongly automatic transmission, try to choose a level place to Park where the car even in neutral standing still.