That’s how the dealer networks, the Russians trust the most

What are the car brands in Russia most of all trust

That's how the dealer networks, the Russians trust the most

For any business it is important to know how to treat him customers. Loyal, neutral or users of the services, buyers are not satisfied with something. So, the research holding ROMIR mainly engaged in marketing and socio-economic research, conducted an evaluation of dealerships, identifying the brands with the highest customer loyalty. Top 5 most high-quality dealers to whom the survey was able to be rewarded with the highest ratings were: Toyota, Infiniti, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and even BMW (a long time there were rumors that the owners are new and very premium BMW tried to beat the dealers a mile away because of the low quality of service. This happened in many countries of the world, which was presented to the Bavarian brand. Did you fix it?).


Thus the Top 10 of the so-called loyalty NPS is as follows:


Research on the index calculation NPS was carried out as follows: “100 car owners each brand were asked to evaluate on 10-point scale their willingness to recommend the brand to their relatives or friends. To calculate the index of the number of promoters (those who put 9 or 10 points) is subtracted the number of critics (those who put from 0 to 6 points)”. Respondents were 2.1 thousand vehicle owners 21 brands of cars in all Federal districts in cities with population over 100 thousand.


The top five was made following the sample that answered the question: would you Advise a particular dealership to purchase a new car?



91% of customers said they would recommend the Toyota dealerships to purchase new cars. Neutral assessment of the dealer centers of the brand gave only 4% of buyers. About the discontent with visit sales centers Toyota said about 5%.



81% of car owners said that they are satisfied, neutral estimated 18% of drivers and only 1% of the users of the brand said that the dealer unhappy.



85% of buyers have left a positive evaluation. 9% – made neutral conclusions stating that these dealerships are pros and cons. Unhappy was 6%.



Chevrolet dealers have exactly the same result – 79%, from its customers.



Closes the top five of BMW. 80% of satisfied customers. 5% dissatisfied. 50 50 (neutral evaluation) put 15% of respondents car owners.


That's how the dealer networks, the Russians trust the most

Reasons why car owners were unhappy, dealers were divided into several groups, in descending order:

Attitude towards customers, the level of culture – 19%

Promptness, dishonesty – 18%

Quality diagnostic service – 17%

High prices, the change in the value – 15%

Solicitations, depaoli – 11%

The waiting time, mismatch of supply and 9%

Errors, incomplete information or poor communication with dealer center – 8%

Problems trade-in or test-drive, technical condition of the car – 6%

The incompetence of consultants – 6%

Small selection, lack of the required specification or title auto – 4%


So, you know, if you do not like something like this in your dealership – you are not alone.