That’s how professionals restore damaged wheels

Repair cast wheels: here’s how [Video]

That's how professionals restore damaged wheels

If the wheel disc is scratched, bottom edge ragged on the curb or drive even moved and he flew off the piece of…, with all these problems to cope professionals involved in the restoration of wheels. After all, in any case, to restore the alloy wheel is cheaper than buying new.


Workshops on the restoration of the wheels a lot around the country, but real professionals who will do their job perfectly not too much even across the world. Such pros are not only profitable to work (they can do a miracle, restoring the wheel to “as new”), but their work is just interesting to watch. Moreover, we have the ability to see the “kitchen” of one of these workshops from the inside.


To work on wheels includes:

Removal of old paint with a special compound, sandblasting, handling of heavily damaged areas, polishing, primer, paint… If the disc is bent, it can be withdrawn in the “ideal” on a special machine for the rectification of the circle and the elimination of runout.


In General, it is an extensive process with many complex stages. But to look at it is, at least for the sake of understanding how difficult it can be quite normal stuff.