That’s how much torque can add 48-volt system

2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 has become the most powerful model of the E-Class in the history of the brand

That's how much torque can add 48-volt system

The new Mercedes-AMG E53 2019 model year is installed under its hood a powerful six-cylinder engine, paired with a 48-volt electrical system capacity increase, new opportunities for sport sedans. Mercedes has announced “53”-th line of AMG with a “mild hybrid” back in January, but only yesterday officially unveiled supersaliency version of class E.


Mercedes describes its new transmission as “an improved AMG-electric” starter-generator EQ Boost or auxiliary electric compressor. Practically speaking, the meaning of what is happening here is that the power system on 48 volts will power many energy-intensive components of the car not taking the power from the engine, such as electric steering, while a standard 12-volt system will work with lights, lights, heated seats, etc.

48-volt electrical system will also give the energy to the drivetrain. Here’s how to explain the system in a press release from Mercedes:

“With the support of the starter generator in EQ Boost, an electric auxiliary compressor creates high boost pressure without the slightest delay for a more rapid increase in torque and acceleration as long as the work boost will not be picked up by large turbine-powered standard exhaust. The result is a 3.0-liter engine responds to the accelerator pedal very quickly and provides immediate response with no turbo lag. An added bonus is the high level of refinement six-cylinder inline engine.”

That's how much torque can add 48-volt system

The engine is designed for the issuance of 429 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. The motor described above augmented system EQ Boost adds 21 HP and 259 Nm of torque! As productive increases in time until this was not even ever.


Theoretically, E53 needs to obtain from finalize smooth, confident acceleration, comparable to the dynamic performance of electric cars, with powerful wings from the lowest to the maximum rpm.


Officially Mercedes-Benz appreciates the opportunities chetyrehdverki for overclocking in the center of 4.4-seconds, the sprint from 0 to 96 km / h Maximum speed is electronically limited to 209 km / h.

The model will be sold in sedan, coupe and convertible. The power unit is mated with a nine-automatic transmission – AMG Speedshift TCT 9G, which should also vary fast and very smooth work. All-wheel drive AMG Performance 4Matic+ also on Board. Intelligent all-wheel drive will juggle giant torque between front and rear axles, connecting all-wheel drive mode, depending on driver preference and driving conditions.

That's how much torque can add 48-volt system

Maybe a model will get a brand new “chip – AMG “Drift Mode”, whose name speaks for itself.

Air suspension with a multi-pneumostome properly will work out the surface E53 without compromise in terms of comfort for riders, the system also will be responsible for the sporting qualities of the car. Mercedes-Benz E53 will be optimized for a comfortable sports the perception of the car.

As for the sound of this new product… now, of him we learn from the video, which will please their fans of Mercedes-Benz in the near future. I wonder how to sing an electric impeller with its high falsetto. Very interesting!