That’s how many accidents occurred from January to October 2018

Traffic police published statistics of road accident for the first 10 months of 2018 – reduce the number of accidents continues

That's how many accidents occurred from January to October 2018

As usual, the traffic police has published the monthly statistics of road traffic accidents. Dry numbers, behind them are the fate of people. Look at them carefully and make appropriate conclusions.


Just a ten-month period, there were 136 thousand accidents. Compared to the same period last year is 1.9% less. 14.800 people in these accidents are for the period from January to October, unfortunately, died. In percentage comparison, which is 5% less than last year, but still, terribly much in relation to the countries of the West. Even more frightening, the number of wounded in the accident citizens – 174 thousand. A huge number, even if that figure is 1.8% less than the same period last year.


As standard, the three most abundant groups more often involved in road accidents: drivers (62 thousand accident), passengers – 50 thousand accidents, pedestrians – almost 40 thousand accidents occurred with their participation.


The number of drunken drivers in General, though reduced, but their number still remains high – less than a year 9.5 thousand drivers were caught under the influence (-8.8%), this is assuming that the data apply only to caught in a drunken state at the time of the accident.


Among drivers of trucks, buses and motorcyclists drunkards too, but they are much smaller: 326, 41 and 1064, respectively. However, their fault people are dying, so the problem of alcoholism remains relevant to this day.


The rest of statistics will cite briefly, the more the trend to decrease is saved and the details you can learn from the statistics of road accidents in Russia in 2018 here: road accident Statistics in Russia


That's how many accidents occurred from January to October 2018

Traffic accidents and injured pedestrians: 39.364, -4,9%. Died – 4.1 thousand injured, almost 37 thousand people;

Accidents and injuries children up to the age of 16 years: 16.776, -0,8%;

In place which recorded the violation of mandatory requirements for operational condition of roads and level crossings on the conditions of ensuring traffic safety (roads): 49.225, -12,2. Details here: road accident Statistics in Russia