That’s what happens in a car without airbags

Video shows the difference in accidents between cars with airbags and without them

That's what happens in a car without airbags

The last few decades, cars are becoming safer and safer. Boom and developments in the field of safety of brands occurred in the last five years, after IIHS and other independent automotive program has begun to tighten its regulations.

Today you are unlikely to meet on video passing crash tests new cars, serious external damage in the collision of the car at speeds up to 70 km/h according to standard patterns of impact. And no matter what price group is the car that Executive sedan, a minicar 2017 with the passage of the laboratory tests will show the same results.

However, the irony of improving the safety of new cars is that in a collision with the cars released in the 90s and especially the 80s years, newcomers are literally destroying them, piercing like a hot knife through butter.

In New Zealand decided to show it and the local unit of the Euro NCAP (ANCAP) has launched a YouTube video which focus attention on the lack of Arbekov on machines of the older generation and also shows the extent of the damage occur in the car-the veteran in a collision with a newer model.

It is noted that in this accident, in that moment, when the steering column shoots up, the driver receives injuries incompatible with life. At the same time in a modern machine that we have Toyota, work the pillow and of course much more stringent quality and safety cage and crumple zones allow the driver to get off with a slight leg injury.

At the end of the video the authors call for that car owners always buy the safest car they can afford.

Well, sensible advice, but in the meantime watch the video: