That will kill a man faster: acceleration or velocity?

What speed can kill a person and can generally?

That will kill a man faster: acceleration or velocity?

The human body can withstand a lot before will come a point of no return. In the us there is a vast potential, which we do not even know. Stories about how people have miraculously survived in desperate situations enough. For example, to fall out of the window above the fifth floor is always fatal? Many will answer in the affirmative. But every year in the world recorded hundreds of cases where trapped in a deadly situation people survived. Yes, in it there is a lot of miraculous coincidences, but nevertheless, there are the lucky ones.



Poisoned people, and they poisoned themselves, shot them, put back in the name of science (training astronauts and cosmonauts), but from time to time, there is all this outrage is a certain percentage of survivors. Always!


To deadly tests for the human body include the speed and acceleration. Everyone knows the expression “speed kills”, but not many realize where there are thresholds, and what factors affect it.


To these questions we have the answer, or rather, for us to answer the expert in the field of physiology, to find out how fast you can move around in space, before the speed will really kill you. Technically, it turns out, there’s no real limit to this number, it all depends on the conditions. Speed can kill you—but she can’t do this work alone.


James Anthony Pawelczyk

Associate Professor, scientist studying physiology, flew aboard the space Shuttle NASA STS-90 as a payload specialist


“I can be in a space ship, and can move at speeds of up to 25 times the speed of sound. It is clear that it won’t kill me — the astronauts do it regularly for a long time. But if in this moment I stuck my head out the window, we would happen is another story.
If we rephrase the question and ask yourself: “what is the maximum dynamic pressure can sustain the human body” — and here I will say that I haven’t given you a specific number, which would need to be calculated. The problem is that you can’t just turn it on (dynamic pressure) in the speed, because it depends on the environment in which you will move. This will determine the type of pressure.
In the air, much will depend on what height you are. When it comes to the aquatic environment – due to the high density of the liquid compared to the gas speed will be much lower to achieve the desired dynamic pressure”.



The astronaut also stressed that there is also the problem of a direct acceleration when the body start to operate overload.


In this case, the main deadly elements will be a factor in the intensity of the acceleration and time of its application. Short acceleration 40 g (this is 40 times the force of gravity on Earth) a trained person can handle, an example may be the ejection of the pilot from his fighter.


But it is necessary to disperse the same citizen in a centrifuge with the same overload for a longer period of time or to increase acceleration, then the person will die. The external damages, you will likely not find, but the internal organs of the wildest differential pressure will be damaged. However, this test just do not notice, because after a moment, just faint: Overload (aircraft)


In closing arguments, James Pawelczyk failed even more surprising result:

“If you put an unprotected person (without an anti-g suit) on a centrifuge and attach 5 or 6 of g, and then continue to rotate it continuously, as long as he does not lose consciousness, and then people will eventually die.”


As in reality felt high overload?

That will kill a man faster: acceleration or velocity?

Here’s how he described his experience of congestion Soviet cosmonauts survived prohibitive overload during an emergency descent from orbit (original article posted on “the Union”. In 1975, Soviet cosmonauts survived after falling from space):

“Vasily Lazarev, describing his feelings at that moment, compared them with the machine, impacting directly on his chest. Lazarev recalled: “One, moving the centrifuge load in the 10g, I noticed I accompanied the doctor on many red dots that covered the back of the tester, which was cool to me. The doctor calmly replied, “It is the small blood vessels burst. On your back the same thing””. But when the “Soyuz-18″ flying to the Ground, his crew piled overload 20g. What is the value weight, high pressure, cosmonauts, reached the peak, it is not known. Vasily Lazarev has told that experts, analyzing the telemetry, noted that for a few seconds she grew up to 26g. At this point, the astronauts refused vision and was documented cardiac arrest”.



Scientists believe that during future trips to Mars, the speed in which the conquerors of the Solar system will travel between the planets will be about 56 thousand km/h. Practical experiments in this direction have been underway for quite some time, so this doesn’t look incredible challenge.

That will kill a man faster: acceleration or velocity?

The main thing to consider, experts say – calculating safe acceleration that a person can experience. That is, the dynamics of which will be dialed by this speed. After all, the speed in the protective capsule of the aircraft (or any other object like a car, submarine or vehicle) will bring the traveler harm, but it can easily kill the acceleration.

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