That looked like and how the electric car went from Italy in 1975

This little electric car was from Milan

That looked like and how the electric car went from Italy in 1975

Honestly, that’s really better some inventions would remain in the past… In your opinion, do the Italians know how to make cars? For example, when talking about Sportarena? So we think that they perfectly cope with it. Then tell me why, why are they in the 1970-ies have tried to start producing electric cars?! It turned out to be a complete felling!


It is a square, the little gray creature that resembles a tailless mouse produces the sound of a lawn mower is unlikely that someone will cause at least a fraction of warm feelings. Perhaps only the creators or owners of the stone to smile nostalgically when I see in the distance the recognizable silhouette. And, the profile of this electric vehicle is sure memorable!

What was the Italian electric car in the 70-ies and why it had to come up with? Model 1000 Elcar appeared as a response to the outbreak in Western countries fuel crisis. The gasoline in the columns instantly jumped, and instantly, voracious carbureted cars became unprofitable. This is especially severely felt by the Americans, where the engine capacity of 4.4 liters was considered a small-displacement.


That looked like and how the electric car went from Italy in 1975

A small Italian company, like many other small automakers decided to earn additionally and in a short time from the pen of engineers released the first model Elcar 1000. A little later there was a second version superminer – Elcar 2000.


Suspension and steering components were borrowed from the small Fiat models. Style (if such a word is appropriate in the description box) was designed by Zagato. Yes, quite a well-known Italian design Studio had hands. The prototype vehicle even had the name Zagato Zele. By the way, the body was made of fiberglass, so all surviving copies of the 500 released, not thrown in the trash, has reached our times is not rotten and it is alive.


Electric motor company Marelli located on the rear. The drive was also back. The maximum range on a single charge corresponded to 80 km When you watch the video, you will hear a strange sound running two-stroke motor. It’s a bit strange because we are talking about an electric car. What is this rattling, we are not aware of. Perhaps because the differential of the vehicle.


That looked like and how the electric car went from Italy in 1975

Minielectric were delivered primarily in the United States. One instance in 1975, acquired a certain V. B. Frazier for $ 2.645. Funny blue mouse he bought in Texas. As you know, the “Lone Star State” is still known intolerance for everything unusual that in the opinion of local residents is beyond the “normal” way of life. In this regard, it is not clear how the car has survived to our times. He had spotted the cowboys and destroy the danger in the Bud.


However, for them it made a “consumers Union” of America. The car was deemed unsafe for the driver and front passenger, and illegal to sell.



While finding a place to charge your car in the past is not easy, Fraser enjoyed my electric car, because it saved the owner money on gasoline. 7 cents for the trip it was mere pennies.


Today’s the day the owner spends 32 cents for every 30 miles (48 km), which is also good. As the saying goes: “half an hour of shame and you’re at work.” It’s just about this instance is the Italian design ideas.