That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

In some cases air conditioning in the car is evil?

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

Summer heat, rain, cold winter morning, the tree pollen in the spring season, urban smog and dust on a country road, etc. – anywhere, in any weather car, equipped with air conditioning, making the temperature inside comfortable for the driver and passengers. But did you know that air conditioning in the car can be dangerous, if not timely to serve and not to monitor the technical condition?


If you want air conditioning in your car worked hard, first, you should use it as often as possible. The fact that the air conditioning in the car works more effectively only when we constantly use the air conditioning. All this happens because of the special devices of the equipment which has special oil for the lubrication of the main components of the system. The lubricating oil of the air conditioner reaches all parts of the system, lubricates them, protecting not only against wear but also against corrosion.

Unfortunately, if the air conditioner is rarely used, the risk of breakage increases. So, in other words, the more you use air conditioning, the more lubricated all of its components. That is why it is impossible for a long time to turn on the air conditioner in the car.


So you have to use it not only in hot weather, but throughout the year. This is especially true of those owners whose car is the air conditioning with manual control air conditioning. In such cars, as a rule, to turn off the air conditioning, you need to press the button. In cars with automatic control system of air conditioning automatics almost never itself does not disable the conditioning. Therefore, the owners of such vehicles rarely themselves off the air, you will not tell about owners of cars equipped with hand control air conditioning system, which often themselves cut off “the condo”.

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

Also do not forget that air conditioning not only cools the air in the cabin, but drains off the excess moisture which is formed inside of the vehicle. That’s why air conditioning is a great way to get rid of fogging on the Windows of the car. Especially during rain or in winter in the morning, when often when warming up the car inside the cabin is formed excessive moisture.

Efficient air conditioning allows for only a few minutes to completely remove moisture from the interior.

Of course, in the cold season you also have to use a car interior heating, to heat it air. By the way, many people mistakenly believe that to turn on the stove in the cabin along with air conditioning can not. But this is a myth. In fact, cabin heating and air conditioning work great in parallel, complementing each other.

Is it possible for allergies to use the air conditioning in the car?

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

What about allergies? Is it possible for Allergy sufferers to turn your car air conditioning system? This question involves a lot of myths that say that people who suffer from allergies, it is impossible to turn on the air conditioner in the car because there is a risk of sensitization.

Also, according to popular belief, the air conditioner can be a source of fungi spores, bacteria and even viruses that cause different types of illnesses and infection. So is it truth or myth? Yes and no. It all depends on the condition of the air conditioning system and its performance. If you do not monitor air conditioning and rarely turn it on, then sooner or later inside of the air conditioning system you can really grow a huge set of microbes and extraterrestrial organisms. No, of course, a character in the movie “Alien” you are inside the ventilation system does not grow, but fungi, bacteria and viruses are guaranteed. Especially if you do not carry out regular maintenance of the air conditioner.

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

As a rule, maintenance of air conditioning is not only timely refill of freon, but the topping up oil, replace cabin air carbon filter, which is also a drive different shit ranging from road dust and soot from the exhaust gases to various microorganisms. Including regular air conditioner service includes checking the entire system for leaks, checking ducts, patency of the drainage coming from the evaporator. Additionally, when each planned maintenance of air conditioning system you need to clean the entire ventilation system using a special cleaner that kills all known germs.


A lot of this, by the way, you can do yourself without going to a special workshop for servicing automotive air conditioners. For example, you can replace coal cabin filter. Can clean air ducts, buying a special cleaner for ventilation system. Usually such cleaners are sold in containers with a sprayer.

How to clean the ventilation system included air conditioning?

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

To clean the ventilation system, you have to turn the air conditioner on maximum cooling. Next is to cut off the flow of air from the street, activating the circulation of air inside the cabin. When you enable this mode, air from outside will cease to act. Open all the vents in the cabin and close all Windows. Then spray the required amount of cleaner (listed on the container) in the car. Let run the car with the maximum cooling air conditioning for 15 minutes. After this time, open all Windows and turn off the air recirculation system inside the cabin. Wait at least 10 minutes until the chemicals completely out of the car. However, according to professionals, these tools are not 100% clean the ventilation system. For more effective cleaning still have to go to special workshops for servicing automotive air conditioners, where, as a rule, use professional cleaners.


In addition one cleaning of the ventilation systems when air conditioning is not necessary. For example, every three years, professionals recommend to change the filter dryer. Otherwise you run the risk that the conditioning system will begin to form various dangerous bacteria and fungi that can cause serious illness.

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

With regards to allergies, if your air conditioning system in the car is OK, timely serviced, all filters changed as it should be, you and your passengers are protected from road dust, smog as well as pollen that causes most cases of Allergy.

After all, the air conditioning system is designed not only to cool the interior, but also to clean the air of many impurities.


Of course, even good conditioning can cause colds. Especially if you use it incorrectly. For example, if your car has long stood in the summer sun, if you turn from the maximum cooling in the cabin, at risk from a sharp drop in temperature. In fact, you will receive rapid hypothermia.

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

That is why we do not recommend that you in summer, set air conditioning to maximum cold. Your task is to the difference of the temperature on the street and in the cabin did not exceed 7-10 degrees. Otherwise there is a risk of catching cold and even get a sore throat.

In addition, sitting in hot weather in the car and going to a way, lower the temperature gradually to prevent a sudden drop of temperature. It is also advisable not to turn on the air conditioner in the beginning. To lower the temperature in the cabin at the initial stage of the path, use the maximum ventilation mode (cooling compartment) and open Windows. So you will be able in a short time to reduce the temperature in the cabin due to the fact that the hot air is blown through the open Windows to the outside.

That is why the air conditioner in the car can be harmful

Also as you get closer to the destination we advise you to gradually increase the temperature in the cabin, and for a few kilometers before the end of the road turn off the air conditioning or set the cabin temperature as outside. Due to this, your body will gradually get used to the higher temperature. The same applies to the fans to leave running air conditioning during the long stops. I do not advise you if you permanently leave the car, leave the air conditioning, because when you return from the heat and sit in the chilled interior, your body will experience a sharp drop in temperature, which briefly can lead to hypothermia.

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