That is why Russia will soon become more expensive license plates

How many in the future will do numbers on the vehicle?

That is why Russia will soon become more expensive license plates 

Soon in Russia will be abolished stamp duty for issuance of license plates. The bill currently being drafted by the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The bill will need to amend the current Tax Code of the Russian Federation.


Recall that according to the tax code today upon receipt of the state registration signs on the vehicle, a state fee in the amount of 2 000 rubles, and the issuance of offer for motorcycles, trailers, self-propelled machinery, etc. the fee should be paid 1 500 rubles.


Why was it necessary to cancel the state duty for issuance of license plates?

That is why Russia will soon become more expensive license plates 

The thing is that currently the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation are preparing for the entry into force of the new law on the registration of vehicles, which will take effect next year.

Recall that according to new rules of registration of vehicles, the traffic police authorities will cease to issuing state registration plates for vehicles and trailers, and will only assign them a number (letters and numbers).


The rooms themselves will provide specialized third-party accredited organizations. Also new rules of registration of cars in GAI, finally letting the dealers themselves to the interests of the buyers of license plates that will allow you to leave the dealership on a new car with registration documents and license plates.


On the one hand, it certainly will simplify the procedure of registration of vehicles in the traffic police, and even may lead to the reduction of queues in the traffic police departments. But on the other hand for many future motorists the new rules will provide an extra headache.


Because now, after visiting the traffic police to register the purchased vehicle, you will need to visit a third-party organization, which is engaged in manufacturing of registration plates.

Yes, in many regions of Russia, many such organizations are not far from the location of divisions of traffic police. But, unfortunately, the availability of firms for the manufacture of license plates. As a result, many motorists continue to face challenges associated with obtaining license plates. And that’s not all.

That is why Russia will soon become more expensive license plates 

The fact that such abolition of the registration fee means that the cost of manufacturing license plates for cars will now be regulated by the state. So, the price tags on the rooms will go to free swimming. Alas, this will lead to a significant rise in the cost of the hotel rooms. Maybe not immediately. But it is inevitable.


By the way, even today in the manufacture of duplicate license plates that make accredited organizations the price of registration plates can vary significantly and sometimes surprise. Especially when you consider that the cost of rooms does not exceed 300 rubles. For example, there are companies that are ready to make you rooms for 700-900 rubles. But there are those who for set of numbers you can give 4000-5000 rubles. In General, it all depends on the quality of the rooms and the appetite of the owner of the company.


Now imagine what a gift prepared for the Ministry of internal Affairs of organizations engaged in the manufacture of car license plates? How do you expect to receive if they had the temptation together in one day to Jack up prices on rooms, once entered into force a law abolishing the issuance of the rooms in the traffic police, as well as a law abolishing the registration fee. We have no doubt that that will happen.

That is why Russia will soon become more expensive license plates 

Also do not think that the abolition of state duties for the issuance of a traffic police license plates will save you from the other state fees during the registration process of vehicles.


For example, the fee for issuing the registration certificate (CTC) no one is going to cancel. We will remind that today it is 500 rubles. On a plastic base with a chip STS will cost 1500 rubles.


In the future, for the STS, most likely we will also pay more. Most likely the situation with the new STS will be exactly the same as it was before with the old driver’s license (not plastic backed), when the traffic police authorities have denied issuing the old rights due to the lack of forms, thus forcing the driver to the right of the new sample on a plastic base, which is substantially more stamp duty.

We have no doubt that with plastic STS is exactly what will happen.


So do not rejoice in the imminent abolition of the state duty for issuance of automobile license plates. I must admit that, most likely, in the future for registration actions with cars have to pay more and have to waste more time upon receipt of the offer.

At the moment information on the development of the draft law on amendments to the Tax Code, on the abolition of the state duty for the issuance of license plates posted on a single portal of draft regulations. To see all the information here.