Test Lada 4×4 (Niva) in Germany

The Germans have put the Lada Niva highest score in 2018. Why? The answer below

Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany

“What is different about the extended version of the affordable sports car?” – this question brought to the agenda by the Germans. And here is what they guessed.


Was ist das?

Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany

“In fact, this car must be sold at Manufactum (approx. Manufactum is a German network retailer, high quality of supplied goods). Or, at least, in antique shops, where connoisseurs are buying up phones 50 years and a variety of porcelain lamps for their old city apartments. Who, if not Lada 4×4, is better able to assert themselves as “the good old stuff?”.


Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany


Hmm, promising start. I wonder what is found in the “Cornfield” the Germans do not see our countrymen? Maybe it’s the nostalgic feelings and, to some extent, in the exotic? Where else in Germany you will find the new SUV in the classic form with the technology of the 70-ies? Let’s look at a brief test-drive the five-door Lada 4×4 in the extended version XL.


Extracts from the history of the SUV Lada:

Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany

Was born the car-the legend called “field” in the distant Soviet times in 1976. The SUV had a high capacity and a large margin of safety for movement in the giant Empire.


“Since 1995 in Tolyatti – Wolfsburg, Russia (but more beautiful, say the Germans) – started to produce a five-door “Niva”. At the end of 2000-ies of the SUV took the name of his own, and now it is called Lada 4×4″.


There is something new in ontinent?

Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany

Why it had to be lengthened? A 4X4, despite the loss of the name, has not lost the main thing: he stayed saralasin. Mud, sleet, snow – all him on the shoulder, because it contains no electronics, just pure mechanics.



But modern Burger needs all the electronics, the Germans argue, and therefore, Lada, she wants to or not, to attract more buyers, should implement at least basic technical facilities. On the one hand, this is good and saves a bit, but on the other, like a knife in the heart for fans of authentic classic cars. All hardcore gets.


Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany


Electric adjustable and heated exterior mirrors, plastic bumpers, 16-inch alloy wheels and front seats with heating – that is what the city “ingredients” stuffed their products Lada.


“And more importantly (for someone worse, someone better, depending on point of view) – plastic bumper painted”, – emphasized the German journalists.


All of this is (at least for Germany) in an elongated five-door SUV 4×4 model. Shining bright blue SUV parked in the test garage and waiting in the wings to get on test drive.


“I look at it closely: Lada looks familiar. SUV a little more Seat models Arona: 4,14 meters long, thus, he exceeded the three-door 4×4 Urban half a meter. The same applies to the wheelbase, which has grown from 2.20 to 2.70 meters.


Those 50 cm are compensated in the back seat: sit there is better than in rough terrain 4×4, not to mention improved access to the interior due to the presence of rear doors. In addition, obvious benefit in the trunk: instead of a 440 a 780 litres of space leave plenty of space for firewood or hunting dogs.”


How does it drive?

Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany

Another advantage is the significantly improved comfort of movement thanks to the longer wheelbase. The five-door 4×4 is better spread along the road than his younger brother. An additional 50 cm, of course, effect on weight. Plus 140 kg. What does it mean? Yes, the fact that in curb weight 1.210 kg and total weight 1.5 tons theoretically involves the use of a 1.7-litre petrol motor naturbraun. By the way, the German journalists emphasize that injection engine complies with Euro-6. It seems that the domestic manufacturer that is clearly “tweak” the engine, after all, our version is consistent with lower environmental standards Euro-4.


In the end, 83 HP and 129 nm, 137 km/h maximum speed and 19 seconds acceleration to 100 km/h.


Noise, of buzzing, howling, tremors and Rykov remained almost at the same level. But this, according to test SUV the Germans, to a certain extent fine. Especially for those fans who do not know a greater happiness than the “hybrids” long paddle gear transmission.


Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany


Fuel consumption in real conditions has not been measured, but the official figures in 9 liters on the highway and 12 in town are not very happy riders.



However, continue the narrative of the brave burghers, to honor “Field”, five-door SUV consumes this fuel is not in vain, because he is endowed with permanent all-wheel drive, reduction gears and differential lock. Jeep remains true to its name: “He will travel to where our friend even on foot will not pass”.


Lada Niva – German death?

Test Lada 4x4 (Niva) in Germany

The price is inadequate. For Lada 4×4 with old technology will ask 14.290 euros. It to 1.140 euros more than the three-door model. So whether or not to take, and what you got Lada 4×4 during the test?


Objectively Lada 4×4 Urban is a maximum of three points out of ten: too outdated engine, too uncertain handling. But the two extra stars were given to the Russian jeep for something that is almost gone from the Western SUV: character.


Those who often travel on asphalt and not alone, may consider the five-door variant. Forest dwellers and the highlanders should look trehdverka SUV from Russia. With a short wheelbase it still feels better on the slopes and off-road.


Rating: 5 out of 10


+ Lots of space, high off-road capability, low price

– Engine management and fuel consumption no longer correspond to the spirit of modernity