Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

That’s what the off-road car worth 4.2 mln. Rubles.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

Many people think that buying a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser makes absolutely no sense. The fact that the car is very, very expensive. For example, in Russia the price of the cheapest diesel 200 model Land Cruiser is between 3.0 million. Rubles and above. On the one hand it is really expensive , especially when you consider that it is still not Land Rover or Mercedes. But, nevertheless, this car is one of the most popular in the world of SUVs . What is the secret of this model? Let’s see how it behaves the next generation of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in real off-road conditions in the Off-Road mode.

Surprisingly, as a worldwide company Toyota  manages to sell for big money Toyota Land Cruiser 200. For over 3 million. Rubles, you can buy just the basic equipment SUV, which will not even be moonroof and leather interior. If you want such as a more extensive packaging (such as in the Jeep Renegade or Range Rover) you will have to fork out at least at 4.5-5.0 million rubles or buy a minimum of 4.2 mln. Rubles petrol version car.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

Plus, having spent 3 million. Rubles for poor packaging SUV you will get a car equipped with a V8 diesel engine capacity of 249 hp with indecently large by today’s fuel consumption for diesel engines. Same story with the gasoline engine. For example 4.6 liter V8 engine, which is installed in the basic version of the Land Cruiser 200  (cost of 4.2 mln. Rubles) consumes 18.2 liters per 100 kilometers in city mode, 11,4l / 100 km in the country and mode 13,9l / 100 km in the combined cycle.This figure is worse than a heavy Cadillac Escalade.

But, nevertheless, in spite of the high cost and the voracity 2016 Land Cruiser 200 , is world’s most popular SUV on the market today. What is the secret of this machine? Why are people willing to pay a lot of money, when for about the same money you can buy a car above the class? As long as you do not sit behind the wheel of an SUV  and will test it on real roads to understand the reason hugely Land Cruiser you can not.


We offer to you the details of the foreign test drive of the new generation Land Cruiser (model number 2016), which has been tested through the streets of New York, on country roads the county DC and at American Road Park, where the car was tested on a heavy off-road for a few hours .

Those who have tested the new Toyota SUV was also shot video that you can see at the end. Unfortunately, it does not have the translation, but we think that the true fans of this model, and so everything is clear without the knowledge of the English language.

In this test drive the exciting part is tested Land Cruiser on the rocks , hills, ruts, hills, dirt, etc.

All tests as claimed by those who carried out the test drive was pretty difficult. After Land Cruiser, which was taken for testing was equipped with ordinary tires for the operation of the machine on the pavement and had giant steps enshrined in the rapids, and prevent off-road. In addition, a car worth 85,000 dollars, which imposes on journalists a special responsibility for the safety of an SUV.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

What is the amount for the Americans? As well as 85,000 dollars for us, even by the standards of America is very, very large sum of money. For example, for the money you can buy in the US Ferrari F40. So make your conclusions, what was the driver behind the wheel of a luxury car.Especially when the car was taken on a heavy off-road dangerous.


During the test drive the one who was sitting behind the wheel of the test Land Cruiser 200, has experienced several unpleasant moments when the SUV was unable to pass the stony surface is very complex terrain. At this point, the team removes a test drive asked yourself the question – “Is that all that is capable of this machine?”. But this time, most likely, was associated with the care of the driver, which is the first moments of fear to damage an expensive car. If after this command, fearing further tests would be turned and stopped shooting test, we would not know what is really capable Japanese SUV .

Fortunately, the driver and the crew was not the timid and continued to test the car for several hours. And patience was rewarded by the team.Once the driver has passed the fear of damage to the machine, Land Cruiser 200 finally showed what he is really capable of. As a result, the machine no problem to call in the big hills, hills, etc., took place sections of the road with huge stones, and drove through flooded road sections without difficulty. And all this was given Land Cruiser with ease and without any problems.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

It should be noted that at the wheel during the test drive was not the driver of the master-class ride on the road . But, nevertheless, it is easily able to pass even the most dangerous and challenging off-road areas. In many ways it has become possible thanks to the unique system of Toyota Crawl Control. Enabling this function (just press the button on the center console), the car begins to move at low speed, without pressing the gas pedal.

That is, the driver can only operate the machine using the steering wheel and to brake when necessary. This system allows the passage of a heavy off-road is not even a very experienced lovers of driving on rough terrain. This feature saves us control at certain engine speeds, which in conditions of heavy off-road  irreplaceable thing. After the driver is not controlling the gas pedal can focus more attention on the management of the machine.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

Crawl Control system, using a variety of sensors and devices, in order to ascend or descend, specifies the necessary speed required for a perfect passage roadless stretch of road.

So test the new Toyota SUV was wonderful, and those who had a car, an unforgettable experience. It is interesting to imagine what would have given them the feeling Land Cruiser, if it were equipped with tires for off-road and it would be no huge steps in the rapids? It is believed that in this case the Land Cruiser was able to drive without stopping, without any problems in areas Road Park.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

Yes this is true. Many experts, who conducted tests  of the new Toyota model, it is believed that on this machine you can cross the entire surface of the moon. But compared with the Lunokhod Land Cruiser 200 is the best value / permeability. After rover worth 38 million. Dollars.So if you want a car that really is ready to conquer the moon or Mars, the price of 3.0 or even 4.2 million rubles does not seem any clouds.
Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on a real off-road

In fact, the most impressive moment for the driver who carried out a test-drive of the new SUV, the process did not begin testing on the roads and the road home by the usual highway. The fact is that after many hours of testing machines in the mud, after climbing the huge hills and driving on rocky terrain, car, driving on the highway at a speed of 110 km / h, delivers a memorable comfort  and ability to reduce fatigue after a long and severe tests on roads, where the stress was on the limit.

Thanks to comfortable and spacious cabin, ventilated seats, stunning system climate control, luxurious finishing of the interior, the car in seconds spent relaxation of the driver and passengers, after many hours of shooting. In addition, after a long journey, even if you are tired and your reaction is reduced, the vehicle electronics can automatically slow down and speed up, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles .After hours of intense driving finding this feature Adaptive Cruise Control really is not replaceable. 

So those who believe that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is inferior to many other SUVs, try to relax in the car while driving on the road after hours of test Jeep Wrangler off-road. Believe me, you are unlikely to get it.