Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

How to modify the vehicle for off-road riding

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Today the market offers a large selection of SUVs and crossovers, most of which automakers are trying to position as vehicles for all types of roads. Unfortunately, many four-wheel drive vehicles little than will help you on the real road. It is noteworthy that there are SUVs that without additional modifications also can not cope with serious off-road. Here is a list of what you should do with your car, every owner going back to where the asphalt ends.

Why is it even a real 4×4 SUVs can fail us on the roads? The thing that is always difficult to predict what you will encounter where the asphalt ends and begins off-road. After climbing into the impassable wilderness, your car can let you down. Especially the basic version factory off-road vehicles, which in principle also need to modify a little bit and equip necessary to cope with all the difficulties on heavy off-road areas.

In General, if you’re going to go off-road your task is to prepare the machine adapted as a rule to travel on the pavement, under the wild, which constantly surprises.

Please note that you must equip your car only high quality, certified equipment that is right for your car.

So. Here’s what you need to do.

1) Install the special off road tires

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

If you plan to leave the asphalt on the roads, the most important thing that you should do is to install on your car with special tires for off-road, which has special deep tread and special sizes. This rubber will protect you from the dangers on the roads and improve machine grip on dirt, sand, clay, snow and ice.

Yes, off-road tires typically is significantly more expensive tire for the city. But for fun safe off-road you need to pay. In addition, installing special off-road tires you will not only make your journey over rough terrain comfortable, but also safer.

2) Install rear mounting to body

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Installing the machine the special rear mount, you will ensure yourself the ability to carry what you may need on the road. For example, you can install the adapter in the rear of the machine for transportation of bicycles or for transporting the spare wheel. You can even carry the equipment for shish kebab.

But the main advantage of the adapters is the appearance of your car has hard points for towing the machine. So the adapter you can either try someone to get out of the mud or pull out a stuck vehicle fixed on the basis of the adapter.

3) Lifting machine

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Clearance is crucial in any off-road. So if your car has high ground clearance, it certainly has some advantages on bad roads. Especially on rocky terrain, because the higher ground clearance, better angles of the overhangs of the car that gives a distinct advantage when driving in mountainous terrain.

So if your car has a low ground clearance, but you still are determined to go to conquer the vast roadless expanses of our vast country, we suggest that you make lifting a car. Really high ground clearance of the car can play with the car a cruel joke. For example, raising the car and increasing the ground clearance of your vehicle may lose balance stability. Therefore, you should always seek a middle ground when work is being carried out by lifting the vehicle. In General, increasing ground clearance by a few inches, you reduce the likelihood that your car on the roads will stop an obstacle.

4) Suspension and bushings

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Sometimes after complex of works on lifting of car experts are also changing some of the details of the suspension, increasing it for heavy off-road. But most often the purpose of lifting is the increase in ground clearance. So often after increasing ground clearance of the machine remains with the factory suspension. But for real off-road also need to finalize the suspension.

First, depending on the complexity of the terrain, it is desirable instead of standard, set reinforced springs, which can withstand the severe loads and impacts during movement of the machine on the road.

In particular it is desirable to change all the rubber bushings in the suspension on the polyurethane. This will increase the life of the suspension and will enhance the entire design of the chassis.

5) off-road engine protection

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Even with a raised SUV body, you will not worry about the safety of your vehicle as in any off-there’s always a risk of damaging the car bottom. Particularly vulnerable to poor road pallet of the engine, which still has the factory protection, nevertheless is seriously vulnerable where it begins off-road.

Therefore, each driver who will be going on the roads should take care to protect the bottom of the machine. Remember that true off road terrain regardless of ground clearance, your car is bound to have contact with the ground. Therefore, it is desirable instead of the factory protection to establish a special thick metal plate with thickness not less than 3mm, which should be close not only to the sump of the engine, but also gearbox and some other vulnerable components of the car.

6) Install power bumper on SUV

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Usually even a factory 4×4 SUVs are equipped not very sturdy bumpers that are not suitable for heavy off-road.

The fact is that often off-road vehicles can get stuck in the mud up to the thresholds. In this case, if the machine is equipped with fragile factory bumpers, you can stay without them. So if you are off road is more important than ride on the pavement, you definitely have to purchase a new reinforced bumper, which you literally can plow new ground.

7) Winch

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

What SUV can be without a winch? Indeed, going to travel on the road most essential thing can be a conventional winch, mounted on the car that can help you pull your car out of the mud without help.

Also the winch will come in handy to help other fans to plow the fields and forests of the vast expanses of Russia.

8) roof rack

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

We all know that the roof rack creates extra wind resistance while driving, which of course affects the fuel consumption. But when it comes to off-road, then of course cannot be and speeches about the economy. Usually fans of off-road don’t think about how much their car consumes fuel.

So if you often travel to various off-road rallies, it is desirable to equip the vehicle with roof rack on which you will be able to consolidate a lot of useful things.

If you care about the weight of the machine, you can buy aluminum trunk. But in any case, the roof rack will allow you to free up space in the cabin and in the normal boot for a more you need things.

9) Install the roof light Bar

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

Muhammad Ali once said that you can’t hit what you can’t see. When it comes to the roads, everything is Vice versa. So definitely you will not be able to overcome the obstacles that you can’t see. And your regular car lighting may not be sufficient to travel on the road.

We therefore recommend that you equip your SUV beam with extra light sources, which can be mounted on the roof.

Today, high technology enables us to buy led “chandelier” for SUVs, which have a very bright glow, which gives you visibility at night as day.

10) Snorkel on the car

Ten ways to get your car ready for the road

If you plan on the road to cross water sections of the road, then of course you need to take care the safety of your car. To do this, install the snorkel, which will pass fairly deep flooded areas of the terrain.

In addition, the snorkel will protect your SUV from the huge amount of dust on the road which is a constant companion of those who sails the vastness of the terrain.